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Word collage derivative of the French verb to stick on, Where to stick on. The term unique is powerful, encompassing an incredible range of crafts, DIY projects, and even art. By destroying, recycling and recombining, old materials are renewed; what you might call a beautiful metaphor for life is also an enduring hobby.

With a stack of old National Geographic magazines, used coloring books or old wrapping paper, you can make art to cover the surfaces of your daily life. From notebook covers to inspirational boards, collages are an opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Want to try making your own collage? It’s easy to get started. Grab your materials and scroll down for some creative inspiration.

Read on to discover new DIY collage inspiration.

Be creative with your materials

Gluing supplies from old magazines

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Collages are extraordinary by their limitless nature. You can find materials in your own home to start crafting immediately. Thrift stores, Etsy, and old magazines discarded by your local library all offer rich resources.

The simplest gluing material is paper. Try using magazines, newspapers, book pages, found photos, and even old recycled coloring book sheets to create your own new pieces. Stickers, old book covers, and advertisements can add spice. Feel free to add three-dimensional touches, such as ribbons, pearls, even pieces of mirror panel.

Be messy and experimental

Glitter Bonding Glue Supplies

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Collage can take several styles. Are you going to cut geometric shapes with scissors or tear up your materials by hand for a more daring vibe? Don’t be afraid of being messy or experimental. The beauty of a collage lies in the freedom.

The type of paste used to fix the materials will vary but classic Elmer’s Glue Sticks and Sticky glue are great places to start. Modpodge or one diluted glue mixture can also be used to cover a finished collage, as well as carefully placed laminate sheets or packing tape. Glitter glue can add extra sparkle, while the pressed flowers are a touch of Victorian elegance.

Ideas for making creative juices flow

For kids

Kids Rainbow Collage Crafts

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ROYGBIV is an essential part of any elementary education. Keep your kids entertained with a fun rainbow collage. Find pieces of fabric, paper and cotton balls in the appropriate colors and let their imaginations work. In the end, it might not be a perfect rainbow, but it could just be a budding abstract artist at work.

Inspirational paintings

Mood Board Vision Board Collage To-Do List

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Mood boards and inspiration boards are probably the most popular collage creations. Whether or not you believe in the power of visualization, the satisfaction of putting dreams down on paper cannot be denied. These collage boards can revolve around hopes, travels, or just what makes you happy in your life today. They can also serve as more than just fuel for positivity. Try attaching a notepad or even dry erase tape so you can write yourself notes every day.

A palette of “pointilism”

A fascinating and modern approach to collage can be found in the artist’s work Madeline Rector. A talented mosaic and collage artist, Rector’s “pointillist” approach creates stunning portraits and copies of masterpieces from the history of art. Check out his Instagram for videos that will make you ditch the images and focus on a solid color palette of papers.

Bonding walls

Collage walls may look like dorm room decor, but this affordable interior design has gotten very chic. The tips for making a collage of artwork and magazine images feel great in coordinating colors, keeping images, and neatness in the arrangement you choose. Check out these guidelines Therapy Apartment which will guide you in the transformation of the space of your home.

Portraits on tissue paper

Tissue Paper Collage Portraits

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Silk paper provides translucent jewelry tones that can enhance any collage. These soft photo and silk papers Alice & Lois portrait collages make great gifts or keepsakes, especially if they are framed. Follow their simple instructions to create your own colorful keepsakes.

Lunatic Creatures Glued

These glued three dimensional creatures are too cute not to make them yourself. Kids will love making their favorite beasts with these glue-up dinosaur instructions from Crazy mini things. (The website also offers pre-made craft kits in case you run out of materials.)

Recycle old books

Pages from old books are great for recycling, especially if you have a connection to the text. Instagram user Becki Silver reuse pages from the past to make sweet gifts for today. His projects are just a few of the many uses for old books. Try a greeting card on cardstock with pasted pages of your romance as a special keepsake for your loved one.

Possibility of paint chips

Collage of paint chips

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The paint chip section of a hardware store is usually an exciting place for DIY enthusiasts. The uses for these free little tips are endless. For collages, you can try using shades of one color to create geometric fruit designs. With a little bit of cutting, gluing and riddling, you have the perfect framing kitchen decor.

Gradient portraits

Watercolor gradient portrait

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Since collages are a flexible medium, you can create your own materials rather than tearing the pages of magazines. Take a sheet of watercolor paper, paint the entire sheet with a gradient of one color using acrylic paints Where watercolors. Once you’ve painted your gradient (and let it dry), tear it into small pieces. You will end up with a variety of shades and oddly shaped pieces. Now challenge yourself to use these pieces to create a monochrome portrait. Tip: It is helpful to use a photograph to create a pencil outline of the facial features and build on this for your collage.

Found Surrealism Photography

Collage has left the physical world to become a digital art form. On eBay and Etsy, you will find many vintage “found” photographs. You can also find old photographs that are in the public domain online. With paste and glue, or Photoshop, mix and match people, animals, and vintage products to create surreal works of art.

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