10 DIY Ideas For Adults You Can Find On Pinterest



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If Pinterest has taught us anything, it’s that there is no shortage of ways to be creative. From simple life tips to complete room transformations, the website is the place to find exciting crafts. For years, we’ve shared some of our favorite craft ideas on our Creative DIY Board, where they range from fun food to items that will make your home a more colorful place.

There are many ways to express yourself through different arts and crafts ideas. While you might not have time to try them all throughout the day, think about what interests you the most and give it a try. Also, think about what supplies you already have on hand in your home; Food crafts are often a great way to start because you probably already have a lot of ingredients in your kitchen. When completed, they can make a regular meal more fun, which is often the goal of these projects.

Check out 10 of our popular Pins on our Creative DIY Board. Some will offer you step-by-step instructions while others are inspirational. And don’t hesitate to follow us on Pinterest to get more crafts like this!

Need some arts and crafts ideas? Scroll down to see 10 DIY prompts.

Succulent Cakes

Art and craft ideas

Photo: Ivenoven

Ivenoven is a master of buttercream, especially when it comes to flowers. While colorful flowers are often the norm for this style of cake, the Jakarta baker has changed the convention by swapping the flower petals for succulents. Ivenoven doesn’t reveal all of his secrets, but this Craftsy tutorial will help you create your own version of them. succulent buttercream.

Staircase Stickers

Art and craft ideas

Photo: ColorRay

Risers are an unexpected place to put some pattern or color in your home. Etsy store ColorRay offers a wide choice of colors and patterns to put on your steps. Best of all, they’re completely removable, making them a great option for renters.

Temporary tattoo art

Art and craft ideas

Photo: Woman with a new temporary tattoo by Microgen / Shutterstock.com

Have you ever wanted to create your own body art? It’s easier than you think with DIY temporary tattoos. If you have an inkjet printer, sticker paper, and a design in mind, you can produce a fake ink that will last for a few days.

Knitted sneakers

Art and craft ideas

Photo: Youted

Don’t worry if you wear these sneakers at home, they are knitted. Inspired by a pair of classic Converse high shoes, these comfortable slippers have double-lined soles to make them even warmer. Take your knitting knowledge and visit the Etsy shop Reverse Designn who developed the design for instant download.

Mini Mid-Century Planters

Art and craft ideas

Photo: Sugar and rag

The current trend in interior design is to turn your space into an indoor jungle. To do this, you will need large and small plants. For the little ones, these adorable standing planters will contain your favorite plants with a Mid-Century feel.


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