10 easy craft ideas for kids and parents on lockdown!



The truth is, with a lot of kids’ crafts, it can be pretty awful. Not terrible in a cute way. Horrible because it’s either too complicated, time consuming or expensive.

And horrible because what you see is not what you get when you and your own kids try.

Because it’s hard to find the right balance, we’ve put together some surprisingly easy craft ideas for kids that are also very, very cool.

Go ahead and tinker!

1. Celery stamping

Enhance the tradition of your advent calendar with this DIY gingerbread version of Sugar Celery stamping is a favorite for kids of all ages! You can stamp them on a card or make this pretty bouquet of flowers.

2. DIY coasters

Make your craft cocktails even prettier by serving them on these DIY snowflake coasters. Made with white pipe cleaners, nothing could be simpler. Learn how to make them from Sugar and charm.

3. Handprint butterflies

Handprint butterflies make the cutest card idea for mom! She will love that these are made from handprints. Preschoolers can decorate with pom poms, stickers, or paint. It also comes with a sweet poem to add inside.

4. Beautiful flower patterns

This flower pattern crafts are perfect for preschoolers! They can add special messages under the petals.

5. Toilet paper flowers

Save a few rolls of paper and make them cute butterflies and flowers! These are fun for preschoolers to paint and create.

6. Button cards

The buttons are perfect for practicing fine motor skills! Make your children do button flower cards for Grandma, she will not fail to love them!

7. Cupcake Liner Cards

Looking for an easy card that your kids can stick together? This cupcake liner card is perfect! Pre-cut coffee mugs and they can stick to cupcake liners, popsicle sticks, and coffee mugs. Free printable template included.

8. A collage of photos

Sort all those vacation photos and create a funny photo collage in memory of your last vacation together!

9. Make good use of those cans!

Save your bottle caps to make this super inexpensive and colorful bottle cap flower for mom! To verify Tricky morning where you can find the instructions for making this lovely Mother’s Day gift.

10. Use your egg cartons

Here’s another cute Mother’s Day craft that uses egg cartons. See more at Mod Podge Rocks.

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