10 recycled Halloween craft ideas for kids this semester



As Halloween falls during this year’s semester, now is a great time to involve the kids in some terrifically good arts and crafts activities.

The Cardiff Council has put together some arts and crafts ideas to have a fabulous time at home, creating Halloween decorations using upcycled household items.

1. Ghostly Milk Bottles

Use a black pen to draw faces on empty milk bottles, then carefully cut out a flap on the back of the bottles, facing down. Put fairy lights or LED candle inside the bottle to make them glow and use duct tape to close the flap. The lights should weigh the bottle down and keep it upright.

2. Mom toilet paper roll

Collect the empty toilet paper tubes. Cut strips of old white pieces of carrier bags and wrap them around the tube and glue them. Glue googly eyes to the tube or draw them with a black pen.

3. Scary paper towel eyes

Draw two eyes on the side of an empty paper towel tube and cut them out, then place glow sticks inside. Place them in your windows or your garden!

4. Soft drink bottle monsters

Wash and dry your soda bottles and draw on a ghoulish face with a wide open mouth. Cut off the top of the bottle and cut out a mouth for the monster and paint. Fill the bottom of the bottle with candies and chocolates.

Source: Artisan berry

5. Colorful spiders in a bottle

Collect used plastic bottle caps from squash bottles, water or soft drinks. If necessary, you can paint or paint them in green, red, black or orange to stick to the Halloween theme. Cut the pipe cleaners to the desired length for the spider’s legs. Glue one end together and glue them to the back of a plastic bottle cap. Pop googly eyes on the front of the top of the bottle and that’s it! You can hang them on string or put them on a spider web to decorate.

6. The tin can witch

Rinse out any old cans – baked beans, spaghetti, or cans of soup, for example. Drill a hole in the bottom with a hammer and nail. Cut a piece of string and pass it through the hole, making a loop so you can hang it. Paint the box green, purple, or any other color to suit your theme, stick googly eyes on it, and design your witch’s face. To show creativity! Try an egg carton nose or a cardboard hat. Glue long strips of plastic bags around the edge of the box so that when hung, the strips hang down.

7. Halloween eggbox treats

Cut out individual egg cups from an empty egg carton and paint the egg cartons. You will need two of each color, so if you have a box of six, paint two oranges, two green, and two white. When dry, use a permanent marker to draw a pumpkin on one of the orange cups, a Frankenstein on one of the green cups, and a ghost on one of the white cups. Put candy and chocolate in the other cup and place the face on top.

Source: Centsible Life

8. Painted Halloween Scene Jam Jars

Wash and dry old jars of jam, marmalade, pickles, coffee or any glass jar and remove the labels. Mix craft paint and PVA glue and paint the glass jar.The glue helps the paint to be transparent so you can see the sparkle of the candle through the paint. Let the jars dry, then draw scary scenes on the side or use black figures cut out of cardboard and glued to the side of the jar. Insert a battery operated candle or fairy lights and enjoy!

Source: Jedi Craft Girl

9. Cereal Box Monsters

Collect empty cereal boxes and paint, paste, cut and paste a funny or scary monster face to the side. You can even cut out a mouth and fill the box with candies and treats.

10. Cardboard costumes

If you ordered online during containment, you probably have an impressive collection of boxes. Reuse them this Halloween by creating creative costumes! Children could become a robot, a unicorn, a dinosaur, a box of pencils, a Minecraft character… the only limit is your imagination! Google images or look for ideas on Pinterest to get you started.

If you’re not sure what belongs where, check out Cardiff Council’s Recycling from A to Z and enter an item for how to properly dispose of it. From styrofoam to plastic and balloons to bubble wrap, the site has everything you need to make sure you put your waste and recycling in the right place.


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