10 vintage arts and crafts ideas and other old-fashioned hobbies that are all the rage



In 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared August 21 National Seniors Day, the same month Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act in 1935. Reagan proclaimed: “For all that they have accomplished throughout their lives and for all that they continue to accomplish, we owe the elderly citizens our thanks and a sincere greeting.”

The best way to celebrate National Seniors Day is to spend time with the seniors around you. The best way to connect with just about anyone? Make them feel important. As so many old-fashioned hobbies are back in fashion, why not take the opportunity to ask for lessons from people who have been practicing them for years? Our elders have so much to teach us, so why not ask your grandmother or an elderly friend from church to teach you the right way to start one of these very popular hobbies.


Maybe it’s the slow food movement, from farm to fork. Maybe it’s being one with nature. Whatever the reason, we are happy that gardening is growing in popularity. Not only is this one of the most organic sources of stress, it motivates you to eat more vegetables and increases physical activity while getting your daily dose of vitamin D. If you don’t have space outside, don’t worry; indoor gardening is also a stress reliever.

Floral arrangement

The art of flower arrangement has a time; you will find peonies, bouquets and extravagant bouquets all over social media. This year’s floral trends blend classic style and modernity. The flowers are Insta-worthy and easy to find, so grab an assortment and turn this project into a party!

We might be able to microwave our frozen dinners in two minutes flat, but we’ve slowly lost our grandparents’ routine of buying locally grown and made ingredients. Fortunately, farmers’ markets bring back local products. Bringing homemade treats back to Grandma and Grandpa will make them proud.

Modern Calligraphy

There are the fanciful flourishes of Edwardian script and then there is relaxed and airy Modern Calligraphy. Today’s script may be different from what Nana used to write in her letters growing up, but that doesn’t mean modern styles of calligraphy are less beautiful or impressive. Buy a starter kit Where take a class with Erica Tighe from Be a heart design co.


The art of watercolor is not dead. Professional and amateur artists bring it back to life with new patterns, prints and perspectives. The intense focus, precision and detail required by this art form has proven to be greatly reduce anxiety according to recent experiences. For inspiration, check out Jenna Rainey from Cie Mon Voir She makes breathtaking watercolors, posts simple tutorials and tips on her Instagram @monvoirco, and created watercolor kits from his favorite tools that always sell quickly.


The 1970s wouldn’t be complete without plant stands and macrame wall hangings. Modern versions give vintage designs an upgrade in the form of elaborate wall art and functional household items. Extraordinary Macrame and Mom Elsie Goodwin from Reform fibers manufactures custom dyed ropes, lucite bars and brass. She posts lots of easy-to-follow tutorials on her Instagram @reformfibers, and you can find handy kits and patterns in her Etsy store.


If you’re not up for large-scale projects or want to try something other than knitting and crochet, consider getting into embroidery. Bring this old-fashioned hobby into the present by embroidering modern objects or quotes that you find inspiring.


Ah, the pottery. A recent study shows that the tactile act can be a physical means of appeasing oneself. Plus, having your own unique set of ceramics made by yourself is pretty cool. Lindsay Emery Instagram @suiteonestudio will convince you that it is worth checking out a class or oven near you.

Pastry shop

Millennials have discovered the endless possibilities of baking. Take it from our obsession with The Great British Pastry Fair and National Donut Day. From intricate pie trellises and adorable cookie designs to over-the-top cake decorations and perfectly baked sourdough bread, you’ll find inspiration all over Pinterest and Instagram. Your freshly baked cupcakes might not be Pinterest-worthy, but it’s the to treat that matters most.

Shooting film

The advent of DSLRs and smartphone cameras has caused some people to shy away from movies. These days, you will be hard pressed to find dandruff and darkrooms in your local supermarket. But mom and pop stores (in-store and online) are committed to preserving the old way of taking photos with 35mm film, Polaroids, and photo development services. You can find refurbished vintage cameras at specialty stores, antique stores, or online marketplaces like eBay and Etsy.

Photo credit: Horace & Maé


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