11 easy Mother’s Day crafts she’ll love


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Lace tote

When your mom isn’t wearing her finest jewelry, she needs an equally beautiful place to put it. This lacy, textured, homemade tote is the perfect solution.

Take any color of polymer clay you like and knead it until it’s soft enough to roll out. Place it between two sheets of parchment and roll it out 1/4 inch. thickness. Take an ovenproof bowl the size of the tote you want to make and place it upside down on the clay sheet. Draw a circle to cut out.

Once you’ve cut your clay circle, gently press a doily onto it, then a piece of parchment onto the doily. Very gently, press the doily into the clay with a rolling pin to imprint the lacy texture and pattern. Remove the doily, then mold the clay sheet (printed side up) into the ovenproof bowl.

Bake the clay according to the directions on the package. Once cooled, remove your tote from the bowl and smooth any rough edges with sandpaper, if necessary.

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Sun Craft paper plateTMB workshop

Sun Craft paper plate

This bright and colorful craft will bring joy to any mom on Mother’s Day, and it’s easy enough to make with toddlers. Cut a paper plate in half and paint the back yellow. Let dry. Then use glue to attach paper triangles to the edge of the paper plate to create sunbeams. For the rainbow, glue crepe paper streamers to the bottom of the sun. Find more kid-friendly crafts for spring.

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recipe card on wooden board hanging on blue wall in kitchenTMB workshop

recipe card art

Does your mom have a favorite childhood recipe that she treasures, written in a loved one’s handwriting that’s delicately handled every time you make it? Immortalize that recipe card—the oil-stained thumbprints and all—on a wooden pallet she can hang up and keep forever.

Get a small wooden pallet from the store or make one yourself from reclaimed wood. You will want it to be slightly larger than the recipe card.

Take the card and make a copy, so your mom can always keep the original recipe. If necessary, enlarge it on your computer so that it fits well on the palette, always leaving a “frame” of wood around each side of the card (just make sure the handwriting is always clear ). Print it out and apply a decoupage like Mod Podge to the back and press it into place on the wood. Make sure there are no air bubbles and apply another coat to the entire front of the palette to lock it in place. This Mother’s Day craft doubles as a decor piece that’s as simple as it is thoughtful.

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