15 best craft ideas for Mother’s Day



What better way to spend Mother’s Day than by creating something beautiful and creating memories with your loved ones? Well, an epic breakfast and delivery to bed to start with, but once that’s done you’ll need something else to do with the family. So read on for fifteen Mother’s Day craft ideas that the whole family will enjoy and keep over the years. Memories of love in the making, to come.


Naturally-dyed linens

If you are looking for a Mother’s Day craft idea that will come in handy and look elevated, make these naturally dyed sheets. The steps are super easy to follow so your little ones can join in on the fun. From blush tones to rust and icy blue, you can use them as hand towels in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Baby Book Notes

This Artifact Uprising baby book is the perfect Mother’s Day activity for new moms. With a beautiful hardcover binding in a variety of shade options, you’ll be able to highlight special photos and jot down milestones as they unfold. Best of all, it’s pretty enough to display on the coffee table.

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Edible watercolor cookies

Edible arts and crafts? Yes please! These watercolor cookies look more like something you’d like to hang on the wall, but nothing sweet looks too good to eat, no matter how good your child’s brush strokes are.

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Lavender Photo Bags

Functional, pretty and sentimental, these photo-printed lavender sachets have reached the trifecta of Mother’s Day crafts. Of course, if lavender isn’t your go-to scent, you can always choose another dried flower or tea leaf to fill your linen pockets. You’ll keep them for years (even if they’re just stored in the sock drawer).

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Crushed Flower Tote

Moms around the world could benefit from having more than two hands, and since that’s not an option, we recommend settling for this tote instead. The floral print of this bag is created by hammering real flowers with a hammer into the canvas. Adorable, right?

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Seashell mobiles

There is no better way to prepare your little ones to be big siblings than by creating something for whoever is on the way. This DIY seashell mobile is quite easy to make from found items and it will look great hanging over a crib, ready to put the baby to sleep.

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Epsom bath with sage and lemon

While this gorgeous, homemade bath tub looks like something you would find at a high-end spa, it only takes 10 minutes to make. To make the activity last longer, do several kinds. There are so many ways to personalize it. Then decorate the jars!

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Floating flower wall

Create a wall of floating flowers to hang in your child’s room as a seasonal decor. It will be fun to work together, then rewarding to hang up and admire.

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DIY candles

Creating a personalized candle together that reminds you every time you smell it is such a lovely way to spend Mother’s Day. You can make candles from scratch or buy a kit that will give you a little more advice.

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White sage stick

Smudge sticks are traditionally used to cleanse the energy out of a space, a feeling that makes the perfect Mother’s Day activity, especially when made together with love. This one is made with a combination of cleansing white sage, soothing lavender, loving rose, and healing rose hips and yarrow. In addition to sage, you can choose your ingredients and then save the house together.

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Succulent suspension

Give both your eye for interiors and your green thumbs a chance to shine with these succulent pendant lights. Beautiful, bright and super fun to make.

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Weaving sticks and looms


Citrus lip balm

Making lip balm is so much fun for little kids (and adults). It’s like dabbling in the makeup world, but from a distance. And while these citrus lip balms are super colorful and pretty, it’s also a craft you’ll get to use.

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Mini mermaids

When it comes to prepackaged projects kids love, Seedling reigns supreme. This makes it a lot easier for parents since all the craft supplies are ready to be used in one place, but there is just as much creative freedom for the kids. This one in particular is their mini mermaid clips activity.

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