5 fun craft sites for kid-friendly craft ideas



There is a certain sense of pride in doing something on your own. And teaching this lesson to your child with clever projects is not only rewarding for them, but can also be a super fun and inexpensive activity for parents. Whether it’s a birthday party piñata or creating the dream bedroom for your child, a little smart craftsmanship can go a long way in planning family craft days or activities. games. So fire up those Pinterest boards and get your right brain ready; it’s time to bookmark some DIY ideas for your next kids craft day.

The shrewd parent

From super-beginner level DIY crafts for toddlers to slightly more advanced (but still fairly easy to execute) ideas for everyone in the family, this site is full of crafts, games, and art projects. inspirations to keep the whole clan happily creative throughout the year. You might even find yourself working on some of these crafts when your toddlers are in daycare.

The tree of imagination

imagination tree
If you don’t feel inspired by any playtime ideas, check out this site to rekindle your creative spark. The Imagination Tree brings back the magic of childhood to adults, where playtime and crafts go hand in hand, to help you spark your own child’s creativity. With an emphasis on the importance of play, this site offers clever (and often edible) ideas for babies to school-aged children.


Part long distance friend, part comrade in all things crafts, this site has fun and super easy projects to do with kids, like sponge printing and drawing with “bots” from. geometric designs. There’s also insightful parenting advice on everything from a shit week and self-care tips to what to say to a friend who has a very premature baby in the NICU.

Instructables, game category

The site of this community builder has a section especially for children and the art of crafts. Explore baby games, creative art ideas for toddlers, and STEM projects for big kids, all on one easy-to-navigate site. And if you’re looking for the next project that’s just right for you, there’s a ton of amazing ideas for adults too (but don’t lie – you know you want yours. Harry potter goose feather).


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