5 Ways to Wow Your Walls: Easy DIY Ideas



Of Scandi towel racks and botanical artwork to a cool keyring, here are some ways to liven up your walls and channel your inner artist.

Pressed foliage botanical art

Create your own botanical art with sculptural foliage.

To do this: We used a combination of floating brass and wood frames, staining the plain pine frames with Resene Colorwood Natural wood stain. Look around your garden for interestingly shaped leaves or check out your local florist’s selection (monstera leaves make great statement pieces). The more fleshy leaves will retain their green color longer; be careful not to bruise them or they will discolour. To press, dry the leaves with a paper towel, place between two pieces of brown paper and place in the middle of a thick, heavy book. Weigh the books and let dry and flatten for at least a week. Position the foliage in the frame and secure it with small pieces of double-sided tape on the back. Hang in there and admire. Wall painted in Spanish Resene Green. Created by Kendyl Middelbeek.

Clever keyring

Keep your keys close at hand with this handy Scandinavian-style wooden holder, then create cute key rings to match.

To do: Cut a piece of wood (we used moldings) to the desired length and use a jigsaw to create indentations through which the keys can hang. Sand to smooth. The key chains were created with wooden beads (decorated with a marker) and a leather jewelry lanyard, all available on Spotlight, spotstores.com/nz. Created by Tracey Strange Watts.

Elegant towel rings

Let your tea towels dry in style.

To Make: Buy some hoops to embroider or make in any color and size you want, or paint them like we did here in a coppery pink color. Seal with a clear waterproof sealer to preserve the finish if painting. Cut two sturdy leather strips to double the desired length of your final loop, then fold it in half around the hoop. Secure to the wall with a matching copper nail through the leather, or secure with a leather rivet. Created by Kendyl Middelbeek.

Stamp art tea towels

Now make a distinctive tea towel to hang in your new rings.

To do: We used opaque fabric paint to print large, simple shapes onto textured vintage linen, aiming for a rough stamp-like finish. The pattern is random rather than repetitive.

Using a homemade scalpel, cut out stamp shapes from block printing rubber and glue them to a wooden printing block or cork board. Straight-edged shapes are easier to sculpt and print than curves. Practice printing on a spare piece of fabric first. Using a small foam brush, dampen the pad with a good coat of fabric paint and begin printing on the fabric using very firm, even pressure as you stamp. Once dry, follow the directions on the fabric paint to secure it. Hem your tea towels to the desired size. All materials needed for this project can be purchased from Gordon Harris, gordonharris.co.nz. Painted wall at Resene Clay Creek. Created by Kendyl Middelbeek.

Organic works

Create organic artwork from tissue paper – you can’t go wrong.

To make: You will need sheets of tissue paper (a limited color palette works best), PVA glue, sturdy watercolor paper, a frame. Draw a pattern in pencil first or draw and cut out abstract shapes from handkerchief sheets and play with them until you are happy with the arrangement. Try a mix of large, medium and small shapes to create a balanced composition with contrast. Keep the organic, wobbly shapes as they are more forgiving. Cut out a sturdy sheet of custom watercolor paper as a base – we used a ruler to tear off the edges for a rough finish and kept it smaller than the frame size to create a layering effect. Using PVA glue and a very soft brush, glue the shapes layer by layer, letting them dry between them. Experiment by layering lighter fabrics on top of other pieces to achieve a sheer effect. Mount the finished piece on the board and in a frame. Created by Kendyl Middelbeek.

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Impress your walls with easy-to-make botanical prints and organic art.


Impress your walls with easy-to-make botanical prints and organic art.


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