A new online art store Vide Atelier has launched a platform taking ZERO% commission from artists



Duggie Fields Twist of Faith 2020 Print Edition of 5

A new online art store, Vide Atelier, backed by Fair Trade Art certification, has been launched in response to the devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on artists’ livelihoods and incomes.

Supported by DACS, Marcel for Art and Verisart, all limited edition prints sold will return all profits to participants, with zero (0%) commission deducted. Top 25 artists include Mark Titchner, Duggie Fields, Faisal Abdu’allah, Penny Slinger, Sarah Staton, Derek Boshier, Ori Gersht, Gideon Rubin, Franklyn Rodgers and more.

Each edition will be certified using Verisart’s Fair Art Certificates, giving buyers reliable provenance information and artists assurance and transparency on every sale. Each transaction is permanently recorded with blockchain technology.

“We are delighted to support this artist-driven project and to launch the Fair Trade Art Certificate intended to help buyers know the direct beneficiaries of a sale. In a time of unprecedented challenges, we believe people will be looking for initiatives that do good ”,

said Robert Norton, founder and CEO of Verisart.

Vide Atelier is a collaboration between three organizations at the forefront of the defense of artists. DACS is Britain’s leading artists’ rights organization, Marcel for Art, a free digital fine art management platform co-founded by Ori Gersht and Verisart, the market leader in blockchain verification for art. contemporary.

The online platform aims not only to help sustain artists’ practices during the pandemic, but also to move forward. The traditional mechanisms of sale and exhibition are plunged into an uncertain and potentially lasting pause. The British art market, although adapting to its new reality, faces a long and unpredictable road to recovery.

Every six weeks, new artists and editions, nominated by participating artists, will be added to the program. This will give artists at all stages of their careers access to the platform.

“82% of artists have seen canceled projects, yet we rely on creative content more than ever to keep us happy and healthy. However, many artists will fall through the cracks of government support. We wanted to do something that recognizes the value of artistic work and makes sure artists are paid for it ”,

said Gilane Tawadros, Managing Director of DACS.

The prints will be made by Ori Gersht, in his own studio, using the same quality materials as in his own work. The Vide Atelier project is powered by technology specific to Marcel’s artist. Prints will be available in three edition sizes and price points.

No matter how many editions the artist chooses, the goal is to earn £ 2,500 each.


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