Amazing DIY comic book craft ideas for old comics



Hello comic book fans! I am about to move into a new home so I am overwhelmed by the joy of home decor crafts. Even though the lockdown is easing here in the UK, I mostly stayed at home and tried to make my way through my craft stash. Recently my attention turned to the pile of comics I had identified for donation… “Maybe I should do some decoupage,” I thought to myself. Here are some great comic book craft ideas for tinkering with the comics you no longer want but just can’t bear to let go of.

Cut out your walls

I used to work in a bookstore / cafe in Glasgow and had fun trying to persuade the boss to let me cut up the bathroom walls with book covers too damaged to sell. I never won this battle, but my love of DIY continues and I think our new downstairs toilet would look smashing with a comic book themed wallpaper!

here is a great DIY guide to cut a guitar. I’m sure it would work for the walls as well.

NB This method also works on a much smaller scale – check out this video guide for a cool way to decorate your comic book storage!

DIY comic puppet theater

I recently gave hand puppets to a friend’s children, and the hours of fun they spent with them were a pleasure to see.

It made me think of making simple puppets by gluing lollipop sticks to the backs of characters cut out of comics. I’ll even make them a puppet theater to play! This The DIY tutorial looks pretty straightforward and would work great with 2-dimensional paper puppets!


I am a big fan of these DIY BD earrings and the tutorial is quite easy to follow. I’m tempted to do it The wicked + the divine–Themes with different members of the pantheon on each side.

DIY bunting

My friend’s mom has a party banner she shares with everyone
his friends and family. They did it with old clothes and took turns to
use it for parties and events in their families.

Streamers made from old comics would be amazing, a really satisfying craft to follow, and also give you something to read over your boring cousin’s shoulder.

Also, how cute are these DIY hearts?

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

You didn’t think I was done with the cutting, did you?

How about this amazing tutorial for covering your shoes with
comics ?

And how about those DIY comic book sneakers?

DIY flower pot

I really like this plant pot made from a box and a few comics. My spider plant has a lot of babies right now, so a little DIY session to make a few might help.

Simply frame them …

I have a lot of new walls to fill in and not a lot of money so this seems like a super cute way to fill in some of the spaces!

Hope you found some inspiration in these comic book craft ideas. I ordered Mod Podge and IKEA frames and have some great weekends ahead of me!


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