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BAGUIO CITY – Local merchants who have resorted to online sales have started to obtain operating licenses to legitimize their operation and give themselves an “identity”.

“Some have already applied for the business permits they present to their clients if asked for their identity,” Allan Abayao, head of the city’s business permits and licenses division, told the press conference. Wednesday for the consumer launch. and celebration of wellness month.

He said that they have registered 91 business permits from different business activities that have online transactions. Of those, Abayao said 41% sold dry goods like second-hand clothes or “ukay-ukay”.

There are also food vendors, beauty vendors, online service providers, artisans, supplies, and even plant vendors.

After the lockdown, Abayao said the city government began to require online sellers to register, which was however halted after the city council passed a resolution granting a reprieve to online sellers considering the difficulty of earning a living due to the pandemic.

Although registration and authorization of online sellers is not yet required by the city, Abayao said sellers should see the benefit of having a license, which could be of benefit to their customers.

“It will show their legitimacy and there may be a push if their customers see that they have permits,” he also said.

He added that income-generating activities require a responsibility like paying taxes and fees.

Juliet Lucas, OIC Regional Director of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Cordillera, told the forum that the government had previously prepared and established rules and policies for the implementation of e-commerce in 2030, but the pandemic forced an immediate implementation of earthworks.

“There was a previous proliferation of online business requiring things to be rushed,” Lucas said.

She added that of the 9,000 target micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) assisted by the online marketing agency, 3,069 were assisted in 2020 and about 5,536 from January to September of this year.

“They are facing the trend of online business,” she said.



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