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Recent columns have prompted many comments and I decided to spend the day focusing on specific topics of interest which I have more details!

What’s what’s

1. The art shop‘s follow-up and painting

2. A tale from Isetta from York County
3. Information about the mystery family photo

1. The art shop’s follow-up and painting

A few weeks ago , I sent a note to Paulette Egler who was pondering the painting that is featured in today’s chronicle. The painting was marked with a sticker on the back that stated that the painting was framed in the Kauffman’s Art Shop, 14 N. Beaver St., York and Paulette wanted to discover information about the time when Kauffman’s was open to assist her in obtaining an appointment to see the painting she loves and would like to crop.

I was privileged to receiving information, not just on the possible dates however, as well as on this board in general, and am pleased to present today.

Paulette’s best guess , based on her previous columns is that it could be from before 1947. Reader Bob Wolf de Shiloh could have confirmed this theory by citing a family genealogy. The author wrote that “My grandma worked for Kauffman. They employed an artist however, she additionally “colored” in black-and-white images for customers. The name of the artist was C. Lee Bahn. She passed away in the year 1968, at age 83, as I was in the process of completing my training in Fort Polk, Louisiana. At the time, I was just 19 years old at the moment of her passing and I am aware that she had left her position at Kauffman prior to my birth in 1948. This will give your author an understanding of the date of her artwork.

For starters we could pretty much declare that 1947 or earlier is definitely possible.

However, later there was more details regarding the painting itself. The reader Carol Robbins replied to Paulette’s question: “I can’t be sure however, the painting appears like the work from York artist Ernst Zimmerman, who lived from 1870 until 1944… I believe there are many people from York who are aware of Zimmerman’s work. “

It turns out there’s one, since I received a message from a identified person Keith A. Oberdick.

Keith wrote me in the beginning and stated, “I can provide some details. The painting is watercolor and was created by a registered artist Ernst Zimmerman (1870-1944) in York, Pennsylvania. I have an extensive selection of the work. Zimmerman didn’t autograph all his work however, I can be able to recognize his work from within a mile. 14. N. Beaver St. was his second home. The painting dates back to around 1920.

It was an incredible answer to Paulette’s query, and it inspired me to inquire Keith what he had gained so much knowledge about Zimmerman’s work.

He said, “Well in 1988 a close friend and York historian and writer Dave Gulden and I were at the biggest garage sale on the York Fairgrounds and he saw the watercolor Zimmerman pear for $25 It was hilarious, the person was selling it to get the frame in walnut, and not the contents, It was also the very first Zimmerman I’d met… It was a delight. was in love with it and became enthralled and his work has a beautiful and soft design.

He added, “I later learned from an acquaintance of his that he had used an older example of similar to an airbrush create this look , and later applied a brush to make some highlights. Through the years, I’ve purchased them both privately as well as at auctions and my collection has been growing. It was discovered that an old acquaintance of mine was The late Andy Leader (whom I knew as a worker on the York Mall in maintenance in the 1980s; Andy, who was a Shriner Clown, also played Santa Claus in the mall ) was a student of Zimmerman when he was a child. Zimmerman gave lessons mostly to residents on Saturday mornings, for five cents per lesson.

I was thinking it was an incredible story, and I was so pleased that we were able to find this extra information for Paulette! I was able to enjoy searching the web for more work by Zimmerman about a year in the past, Burning Bridge Antiques Market in Columbia, Lancaster County, reported that it had uncovered an entire collection of Zimmerman’s work. He also posted pictures of his work on the page of his facebook. I’m not certain which of these are available anymore and if they are, it’s worth a look!

(Aside Aside largest garage sale in the world was one of our family’s most memorable summer activities and was the topic of my very first blog article regarding Only within York County, so I was thrilled to hear Keith mention the event!)

2. A tale about Isetta who lived in York County

The second installment of this series is an entertaining, quick story. Last week I mentioned the small car Isetta and was manufactured between 1950 and the 1960s. I was curious whether the Isetta was made that were made in York County, and it was helpful to have an acknowledgement from a reader Dick.

Dick said: “When I was young in the late 1950s, Dr. Lewis Harold made house calls using the help of his Isetta at his desk in Dover. It was fascinating to see the door opened at the front of the building and the doctor walked out carrying his bag.

I was so thrilled to find out that we were able to have an Isetta here in the UK – but in my home town of Dover! Any other Isetta stories are always welcomed. (And I’d love to hear more about Dr. Harold as well!)

3. The details of the family mystery photo


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In the fall of last year, I posted the note of Donna Kober who wrote to share some photos taken by her mother. One of them included the family photo that we see today, as well as some notes of editing on the back of the photograph overlayed.

Donna’s mother-in law found this photograph at an auction. They believe that the photograph is in the early 1900s and believe that it was taken by an unknown photographer who was from Gettysburg. She wanted to know whether anyone had any information about the family.

Well , I’ve heard from someone – Rosa Bergen. Rosa stated that the picture comes from her mother’s side. “This is a photograph from Sarah Foulk Eichelberger and the Benjamin Franklin Eichelberger family from Gettysburg, PA. They were married in 1889. The photo shows Sarah’s siblings as well as Sarah and Benjamin’s kids.

Rosa said she knew that her grandmother, now at 96, would like to purchase or receive a copy the picture. They wrote me, asking to be put in touch with Donna However, I don’t keep contact information for those who write letters (because I’m not able to share them without permission) which is why I didn’t have. to do. However, Rose sent me a second email to see whether I could assist her as well, so I thought it could be worthwhile to check what Donna had read this and was willing to contact me! Donna If you’re interested in contacting me, please use the contact information at the bottom of this article. I’ll provide you with Rosa’s contact info.

Rosa claimed that her mother was at Lewisberry as she “immediately recognized her family”. I’d love to see her with this picture somehow! (So should you be in contact with Donna give her a gentle nudge and ensure that she is looking!)

Do you have any questions or stories to be able to share? Email me at [email protected] or write to Ask Joan, York Daily Record / Sunday News, 1891 Loucks Road, York PA 17408. We do not accept phone calls for any questions or to obtain information.

The article Ask Joan Kauffman’s Art Shop Follow-Up and More appeared in Only In York County.

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