Colorful Mandala Landscapes: 5 DIY Rock Painting Craft Ideas To Beautify Your Home



Remember when we were young and painting on pages and walls was the only thing we loved. As we grew up, the brush, the paint pen slipped out of our hands. However, the creativity in most of us never died. So it’s time to pick up that brush again and start creating crafts to spruce up your home decor. Today we present to you some cave painting ideas to bring out the artist in you.

Not only pebbles, but larger stones of all kinds can be converted into something amazing. It doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it looks good and your home looks chic. Amid the ever increasing demand for home decor pieces, it can be difficult to limit yourself to a design that complements your style as well as the decor of the home.

Fear not, we’ve put together a list of painted rock crafts to take your home decorating game up a notch.

Flower rock painting

The beauty is in the details! Take inspiration from this design with pretty hyacinths painted on a solid white background. Nothing is more aesthetically beautiful than bringing nature (in any form) into your home. Plus, it’s super easy to make and perfect for beginners.

Fantastic landscape

A dark mystical night with stars in the sky and a castle in the wild is all you need to bring the fantastic vibes to your abode. We are in awe of this beautiful fantasy landscape design.

Mandala rock painting

Mandala is a beautiful mix of geometric patterns and colors. Did you know it’s an art therapy tool that helps relax overworked minds?

Inspirational quotes

Bright colors and inspirational quotes for rock designs are perfect for someone who is always looking for cool decorating ideas. It is always nice to be surrounded by things that motivate you and help you relax.

Cute rock painting ideas

To keep things simple and original, check out these fun rock painting ideas to add life to your home decor.

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