Craft Ideas for Father’s Day



Then, Fathers Day is fast approaching and are you a little strapped for cash? No problem – these cheap, easy and creative crafts will have your pa all foggy eyes (or at least he might crack a smile). Check them! This year is Father’s Day June 20e, 2021!

Perfect photo frame

Nothing says a happy father’s day like a picture of you and dad in a frame that you made yourself.

What do you need:

  • One raw wood frame with a fairly wide border.
  • White glue or a glue gun (ask mom for help if you are using a glue gun – they are hot!).
  • Various nuts, bolts and other parts Equipment.
  • Spray paint (money looks nice).
  • A photo of you and your dad that will look great in the frame.


Take the glass out of the frame. Paste it nuts, bolts and other hardware to the frame. Use yours artistic judgment to decide where they should go. After the glue has dried, spray the entire frame with paint in a well ventilated place that you protected with newspaper (check with mom first). Let the paint dry and insert the glass and the photo of you and your dad. Voila, you are ready! Remember that you can use this technique with things other than hardware. If your dad is a golf fanatic, use golf tees instead!

Decorate a frame to show your daddy how much you love himCourtesy of Fun-A-Day

Custom boxers

What dads love more than wacky boxers? Nothing!

What do you need:

  • White boxer shorts in your dad’s size (ask mom).
  • Different colors of fabric painting (Stay away from glitter and pink unless your dad really likes glitter and pink).


Wear old clothes as you work on this project so you don’t accidentally “decorate” your new Sean Jean sweatshirt. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the fabric paint and use it to draw funny pictures and slogans (“Best dad in the world“is always good) on boxers. Let them dry and you’re done.

Customize your daddy's boxersCustomize your daddy’s boxersCourtesy of Pinterest

DIY mug

If your dad can’t go through the morning without a cup of coffee, this is the gift for him.

What do you need:

  • A plain white mug.
  • Different colors of ceramic paint (available at craft stores).
  • Paint brushes.


Decorate the mug with ceramic paint. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions for put on the paint. Normally it is necessary cook the mug in the oven, but the paint must have specific instructions on the packaging.

Design a mug for your daddyDesign a mug for your daddyCourtesy of Busybugs


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