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A child development expert on says art is children’s language and can help them communicate, express themselves and understand their surroundings. When you start to unleash children’s inner artists, it’s important to let them explore on their own.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you need to give the child the opportunity to be creative and messy. You can start by showing them the basics and getting them excited for an art project, but masterpieces should be done primarily by the child. Your main job as a parent is to provide art supply tools. Here are some simple crafts that can help your child develop their art skills:


An artist featured on Friday Magazine says that anyone can learn to draw. A child may not be good at drawing, but the art of drawing is something he can learn the same way he learns a language. You can start by having your child draw from their imagination or draw what they see in their surroundings.

The good thing here is that there are no errors and what appears to be an error acts as the artist’s signature key. Providing a child with quality tools not only encourages them to get started in art, but also to create beautiful works of art. Drawing is also a great way to pass the time.

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Once your child has drawn a picture, you can ask him or her to color it. According to learning4kids, coloring is not only a fun activity, but it also develops color awareness, develops hand and eye coordination, improves your child’s concentration and develops motor skills. A full coloring project also gives them a sense of accomplishment, which boosts their self-confidence.


Instead of coloring, you can also ask your child to paint a picture that they have drawn. They can also paint a picture from scratch. Painting has the same benefits for your child as coloring, plus it’s super fun. says painting encourages a child to discover more tones and depths of color by mixing paint.

However, the source advises parents to start with acrylic paints because they are easier to clean. Children should use oil paints when they are a little older. The child should also have a separate outfit for painting.


Molding with plasticine

Plasticine is very popular with children. They might not realize it at first, but they love it because of the countless things it allows them to model. In addition to helping with the aforementioned creation of motor skills, playing with plasticine allows children to be even more imaginative.

It also helps with concentration and allows children to express themselves. Plus, play dough helps kids master different shapes and colors at the same time and alleviate any frustration your child might be feeling. agrees with. The best thing about plasticine is probably the fact that it lasts longer.

Dress up and participate in a dramatic game

Dressing and playing different characters gives a child the opportunity to practice self-expression as pointed out This ultimately contributes to their emotional health and well-being.

To add fun to this, you can involve the kids in the design and making of costumes. Better yet, letting them create their own characters and costumes develops their creativity and helps them internalize the feelings and thoughts of others.


Music, whether singing, dancing or playing an instrument, helps in almost all areas of a child’s development. believes that music helps children develop their social and language skills. It also strengthens their motor skills, especially when dancing is involved, and helps with literacy and memorization.

Create projects

Art projects and especially ones that involve the whole family and incorporate one of the above crafts or a mix of two or three can also help cultivate a child’s inner artist. Rather than making art, emphasizes that projects make children feel like they have a mission. They allow the child to work with a goal and are likely to take them more seriously than a hobby art activity.

These Craft Ideas For Kids Are Good For Their Brain

You can get into the habit of having your child present their artwork to the family, which creates an opportunity to understand your child’s thoughts. Also, be sure to pin your child’s art all over the house to encourage them and praise them for their good work. Another way to develop your child’s creative spirit is to take them to the local museum for inspiration. You can also enter your child for art competitions and art classes.

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