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Of course, Denver is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, music fans, art lovers, craft brewery friends, and cannabis connoisseurs. And the Mile High City has people who prefer to snuggle up inside and create arts and crafts as well. Here are six of our favorite metro area resources for craft enthusiasts, from our Best of Denver edition.

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Sewbago offers sewing lessons.

Best Sewing Courses On Wheels

Sew as you go: Sewing teacher Tish Gance created Sewbago, a mobile version of her studio HISS (a former Best of Denver winner), and now she’s taken her show entirely on the road, bringing couture directly to private parties or parking lots and street corners all over the metro area. Gance’s classic ’72 Winnebago Chieftain is equipped with sewing machines (you can also bring your own) and space to accommodate three students at a time; Classes include basics such as Intro to Sewing and the Doomsday Class, where you’ll learn how to sew a button, mend a hem, and other skills needed to get through the zombie apocalypse. Course registration closes 24 hours before each course; visit the website for more information.

Update: Sewbago is now closed. The store posted the following on its web page:

To all of our students, friends, supporters and family who gave us the courage to be the first mobile sewing studio in Denver! Unfortunately, we have not received enough course registrations to support Sewbago, and we will be resuming classes in a brick and mortar location.

It was a BIG race and many wonderful memories were made with the Sewbago. The past year and a half will forever remain in our hearts as a fun and exciting adventure, we hope you join us for the next chapter at HISS Studio in our new location in Lowry.

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Best place to build it yourself
Workshop I did it
617 22nd Street

Do you want to hammer your nails into something? Now apartment dwellers and other Denver dwellers running out of tools or space can do whatever they want at I Made It, a fully equipped community carpentry space you can use for a fee. by project. Familiarize yourself with the store and its tools during an orientation session, then set aside time for the store if you choose to take charge of your own wildlife project (with one-on-one help as needed) or take a class ( projects vary from cutting boards to coffee tables). It’s not all complicated, no problem, and you can leave the sawdust behind.


Best Crafting Classes
Ink Salon
29 Fox Street South

Craft workshops are a mixed bag, and sometimes all you have to show for your time and money is a warped ashtray or, worse, a plate you’ve painted with the same pattern everyone has tried. But anyone can use a different t-shirt, especially if it’s the one you printed yourself. Ink Lounge, a working screen printing studio run by pros Stu and Nicky Alden, encourages teamwork for a few hours of messy fun that leaves you with up to eight shirts (or tea towels, tote bags, pillow cases). Or other). Workshops are suitable for all age groups, as well as parties or private lessons, and you come home with something that you will use over and over again.


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