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Do you want to buy works of art? Well Get Creative in Crookwell, run by Margaret Wonson, is the place to go. Many people peeked into the store when it officially opened on Saturday, November 13. Ms Wonson, who ran a volunteer shop about three years ago, said she decided to start her business because of the difficulties faced by artists during the pandemic. READ ALSO: Sit back, relax and park in a gondola downtown “I am an artist and for two years, no artist has been able to exhibit their works because all the shows have been canceled because of of the pandemic,” she said. “I made a really good painting and a friend of mine helped me open a shop to sell the work. “I put out an ad to see if others wanted to sell their work and over 40 people pitched in. applied. “I now have their work in the store along with mine.” READ ALSO: Independent Day: Candidate Ready To Face Taylor Along with artwork, art supplies will be sold while a wide variety of art classes will also be held. “I felt like I wouldn’t make a lot of money selling art, so I asked if anyone wanted to teach,” Ms Wonson said. “I now have over 14 teachers who teach about 20 different types of classes. “We offer to teach photography, ceramics, pottery, acrylic painting, watercolor, Chinese brushwork, restoration and furniture decoration and much more. READ ALSO: Floods, demonstrations and more naps “We are not yet welcoming young children, but we plan to operate younger classes during the holidays.” Some teachers have told me they are struggling to get supplies so now I will be supplying them as well.” Open 10am to 4pm Thursday to Monday, Get Creative in Crookwell is located at 105 Goulburn Street Crookwell. For more information call Margaret Wonson on 0427 365 259. Did you know the Goulburn Post now offers news alerts and a weekly email newsletter? you below.



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