DIY Paper Handbag Craft Ideas You Can Teach Your Kids



A paper purse is a great attraction for children who can continue to store treats in it, mainly influenced by their parents. It is one of the popular craft ideas that can be a perfect craft activity for any kid. More so, they can be of endless shapes, sizes, colors and patterns to meet every child’s imagination. Even adults can indulge in DIY paper handbag making as a hobby. Let’s see how to make a paper purse.

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What does it take to make a paper handbag?

  • Empty card box or thick sheet of paper
  • Patterned and Solid Color Papers
  • Decorative stones and pearls
  • Velcro
  • Cutter and scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Rule
  • Ribbon

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Instructions for making a paper handbag:

  • The first step is to cut out the empty card box or take a thick paper of at least 12 “X12”,
  • Measure and draw the outlines of your paper purse according to the design you envisioned, leaving two inches on the sides for the overlap folding.
  • Remember to keep extra measurements at the top to be folded up as a flap for the paper purse.
  • Use scissors to cut out the shape you designed for your paper purse.
  • Double-check the measurements and cut the additional paper outside the measurements.
  • Fold it so that the two thumbs on the sides and the top flap are folded to overlap the body.
  • Glue colored or patterned paper on the outside.
  • Cut the sides and shape the ends of the flaps into rounded edges.
  • Glue the sides of the purse so that the shape forms a bundle like a receptacle on the inside to be covered by the top flap.
  • Secure the Velcro patch on the inside of the flap so that the counterpart is attached to the outside of the purse, but hidden from view due to the overlap.
  • Prepare an accordion fold with colored paper and cut it into different shapes.
  • Glue them on the outside handbag in design patterns to give it an elegant look.
  • Secure the ribbon in the inside fold of the flap to make a handle for the purse.
  • You can freely decorate your handbag using decorative stones and beads.
  • Your beautiful handbag is ready to use.
  • An elegant paper purse is close at hand. Store and keep the things you enjoy

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The result of your efforts is a charming and stylish paper handbag. Children, like adults, can store their belongings inside. Paper purses can be designed for different purposes and you can store items in them according to the size of the paper purse. It can also be a great gift idea, aside from the satisfaction that comes with such creative craft ideas.

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