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With confinement extended for the umpteenth time, even the most introverted among us will go nuts after a while. We reviewed all ten episodes of Friends, we re-read all the books we have accumulated over the years, we changed KonMari’s wardrobe and even tried the exercise. So what now? The answer is simple. DIY projects! With random items lying around the house, recycling them into something better is a perfect way to combat boredom.

We’ve all heard of start-ups like Tire treasures, Upcycle Nepal, and Doko Recyclers who revalue things into refined products to promote a culture of conservation and wise use of resources. We probably own a few of their DIY products as well. Some of us even bought all kinds of DIY materials from stores like Rowshie-Arts and Crafts Store to scratch the creative itch in us. So, taking inspiration from them, we’ve compiled a few DIY projects you can work on at home.

Paint people in cork

It’s not even a secret anymore. Wine was, is and will always be our best friend. Next time you open one, drink the bottle and save the cap to paint yourself, your friends and family as cork people! All you need is a cork, some paint, and some brushes. With a few light strokes of paint, you will be amazed at how the kindling you would otherwise throw comes to life.

Make terrazzo soap

With hand washing being seen as one of the ways to fight COVID-19, soap is very much around right now. But are you tired of washing your hands with the same boring old soap? Blow bubbles and turn them into a set of beautiful terrazzo bars. All you need is a bar of soap, a few selections of food coloring, and any essential oil lying around in your vanity box. Read the full instructions here.

Give your old furniture a facelift

Whether it’s an old bookcase or kitchen chairs, show love to your often overlooked furniture. Not only will this give you a fun project to do at home, it will also save you tons of money on new furniture purchases and let you customize the item to suit your space.

The materials you need depend on what you are going to be working on. A paintbrush and a paint bucket may be all you need for a few simple furniture upgrades. But you might need a stapler and fabric for upholstery work, or sandpaper and wood stain or oil to refinish hardwood furniture.

Recycle old kitchen supplies in plant pots

Have you tried herb gardening? Do you need a place to store your greenery? Gather unused ceramic pots or containers and breathe new life into them as plant pots by painting them any color you want. Their hard surface allows them to withstand the elements and painting them in a bright color will be a fun activity for you and the whole family. Also consider adding a few drainage holes at the bottom before repotting your plants.

Bake Sharpie Cups

“Sharpie mugs” have been all the rage lately and if you’re on Pinterest it’s hard to go a day without seeing a Sharpie mug pin or something similar. With everyone staying inside, drinking coffee / tea from mugs instead of on-the-go mugs has become the new normal. So give your ceramic mug a new look by doodling, drawing or writing a motivational quote on it using any oil based color.

Once you are happy with your design, you will be ready to cook your mug for good design adhesion. However, you will need to wait at least 72 hours to let the colors dry completely on your mug before baking. To cook it well, place your mug in a cold oven and put it at 425 ° C and set the time to one hour. Turn off the oven and allow the mug to cool completely before removing it from the oven.

Braid a new dog leash

There are a ton of great leashes on the market, but many dog ​​owners just prefer to make their own DIY leash at home. If you are looking for a cute and functional leash for everyday use, a cotton rope leash is a great option. You only need a few yards of cotton rope and a metal latch. Essentially, you will need to braid the cotton cord firmly and tie it to the metal latch, which clips onto your dog’s collar. You will want to allow a bit more time to do the braiding properly.

And There you go ! your own personalized dog leash for your next evening walk will be ready.


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