Easy Paper Bird Crafts Ideas To Give Your Imagination Wings



Bird watching has been fascinating for everyone since time immemorial. Colorful chirping, flipping and tweeting birds are a feast for the senses of children and adults alike. Making paper birds is one of the great craft ideas to bring fun indoors. A DIY paper bird might not fly, but yes, it gives wings to your imagination.

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Things you will need:

There are several ways to make a paper bird. A combination of origami and paper cutting can be more satisfying to create a variety of paper birds invading your home as well as your garden. Let’s see what you’ll need.

A predefined bird template, or design your own

Colored card stock

Colored paper

Patterned paper

Sharp scissors


Colored marker pens

Eye stickers

· Glue stick

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How to make a paper bird:

Like the different types of birds you see around you daily, create multiple birds of different shapes, colors, and sizes for creative fun.

1. Cut out the bird template or, better yet, draw a bird that fascinates you on heavy paper and cut it out.

2. Choose the card stock in the color you want and fold it in the middle and lengthwise. Cut out the shape of the bird using scissors from your bird design or the template drawn on the folded edge.

3. Fold the body of the bird in half, but only slightly. Make slits on both sides to help hold the wings.

4. In the next step, choose two pieces of colored paper to make wings for the bird. Use appropriate color combinations to make the paper bird attractive and stand out. Fold the two pieces of colored paper into an accordion style. Twist it slightly in the middle and keep it aside.

5. The first is for the main wings and the second is for the tail wings. Fold the second in the middle and cut it into two equal pieces.

6. Take the first accordion paper and push it through the slit made in the body, fold it upwards and lay out the accordion to form the shape of outstretched wings.

7. Take the two tail wing pieces and clip them to the end of the body.

8. Cut two triangular pieces for the beak. Glue them together on either side of the bird’s face.

9. Cut out two belly sections from the thick, colored card stock. Secure them with glue on both sides of the bird to complete the shape.

10. Attach the eye sticker and decorate with a marker to add effect, and your paper bird is ready.

Paper is a great material for craft ideas, and the paper bird is one of them. Create a variety of birds, tie and hang them to float indoors in the breeze and see your garden come to life.

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