Edgar Wright to teach BBC Maestro filmmaking course online

Edgar Wright is set to teach a new online filmmaking course.

Filmmaker including Shaun of the dead, Warm fuzz, baby driver, Scott Pilgrim vs the worldand Last night in Soho will cover “everything from his stylized edits and selection of soundtracks to how he approaches his first day on set,” according to a press release.

Among the 27 total lessons offered by the class, Wright will offer advice based on his years of experience in chapters such as The Craft Of Writing, Storyboards & Animatics, Casting & Directing Actors, Shooting Action Sequences and Getting Your Film Seen.

“By taking this filmmaking course, I hope I can impart some wisdom as well as some helpful tools that will help you on your first steps towards becoming the filmmaker you know you can be,” Wright explained.

“I can promise you that every filmmaker, from great action directors to new indie darlings, approaches every movie they make with a disheartening sense of uncertainty. There is no race to the finish line with cinema. Hone your craft however long it takes, and you’ll eventually make your dreams come true.

Shot in 4K and spanning over four hours, the course is available for budding filmmakers to purchase for £80.

“I had mistakenly assumed that all directors were born in Hollywood and that Steven Spielberg was dropped off by a stork at Universal Pictures,” added the director.

“I think it’s important for filmmakers to always question themselves and the decisions they make stylistically. By doing so, your style will be honed and your cinema will become stronger.

Earlier this year (April 5), Wright was one of several major film and TV personalities to share a petition to stop the privatization of Channel 4, which currently has nearly 490,000 signatures.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries previously tweeted its intention to privatize the broadcaster under the belief that government ownership “prevents Channel 4” from competing with streaming platforms.

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