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Art lovers don’t have to wait until the annual Guam Art eXhibit opens on April 6 to view and purchase local artwork – a pop-up shop is open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday on the second floor of Place à Tumon.

“We want to try and energize well ahead of the GAX show,” said local artist Josh Agerstrand, curator and director of the annual Guam Art eXhibit.

Paintings, prints, illustrations and GAX products are on sale in the pop-up store, which opened on March 3 and will run until April 13.

“It’s just a fun way to do merchandising that is more in line with the culture of our organization,” Agerstrand said.

He said the pop-up store was also a way to “fuel up” ahead of GAX opening on April 6.

“The number of artists is increasing and the quality of art continues to grow. And that’s what we’ve always expected. We want to cultivate talent to our highest caliber and try to provide them with as many opportunities as possible so that they can explore opportunities in Guam and outside Guam, ”Agerstrand said.

22-year-old Veronica Cruz, who works with charcoal, ink and digital design, is one of the artists exhibiting her work in the store.

“As a young artist, I think it’s so important to want to go out and meet other artists, to network and just be part of the community,” said Cruz.

Showing art in the store and during GAX is a way for artists to gain visibility and confidence, she said.

“I think a huge problem … not just (for) people my age, but a lot of artists … is self-doubt. It has created such an inclusive and welcoming community, and young artists really need it – they need to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, ”said Cruz.

The boutique is not only a place to find creativity, but also a place to express it. Visitors will find a “poster wall” with a selection of art supplies.

“So anyone who comes in, they can just go out there and let their creativity run wild,” Agerstrand said.

“This store and GAX have really inspired people to go out for themselves and find others like them. It’s a really great thing, ”said Cruz.


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