Five things to do online locally right now: Still not risking the crowds? We’ve Got Your Socially Distant Virtual Back – Arts

We need to get these ‘ronas out a little longer, it seems, as the protein-sheathed miscreants continue their evolution toward less destructive human coexistence. Luckily, there are all kinds of locally produced creative goodness that can be 1) encountered, 2) viewed, and 3) enjoyed over an internet connection. Here are five suggestions to help you spend another week of life’s rich pageant.

Take improvisation lessons

If any community is responding well to the vagaries and upheavals of our current COVID situation, you’d think it would be the Improv Community of Austin — and you’d be right. At least insofar as they continue to provide interactive educational opportunities, Austin’s four improv families – the Hideout Theatre, Fallout Theatre, Merlin Works, ColdTowne Theater – have “yes, and” created a wide range of programs and entertainment baffling isolation, offering many ways to initially engage with (or hone the familiar craft of) the performing arts of improvisation. Four schools, four different flavors of improvisation; wherever you look, there’s a great chance to improve your mental agility and resilience (and have fun) with local improv professionals.

Attend PrintAustin

This annual print festival continues in person until February 15, and if you call ahead or make an appointment online, you can see much of what’s available at the studios in person. and participating galleries. But you can also get a virtual glimpse of many of the festival’s wonders – almost as satisfying at the moment, and, when a particular artist ignites your aesthetic fire, something worth noting for further exploration and engagement in the most user-friendly. coming months. Suggestion: Fill your screen with a dynamic view of what’s happening in the diverse scene of marks on paper; use this handy URL as a starting point and see how PrintAustin attendees put “ink” into “link”.

Listen to audio plays from the Hyde Park Theater

Five things to do online locally right now

Six different audio pieces produced by Austin’s own Hyde Park Theater will send your mind soaring with sound and story. The newest addition to the sound show list is that of HPT jefe grande Ken Webster Port Arthur – a tribute to this coastal Texas town, featuring that same Webster and Hyde Park MVP, Robert Fisher; the duo also star in Mickle Maher’s Bizarre and Delicious Variants of the Hunchback. Deeper in this captivating wealth of information is a quartet of new works from the current HPT Writers Group, with eclectic storytelling scripted by Raul Garza, J. Isabel Salazar, Katie Bender and Patrick Shaw. It’s a theater of the mind, citizen, and these creatives will set the scene in your head.

Meet local comedians

Don’t just chat with them in Messenger or whatever. We mean, hear what the comics of Central Texas – and the funny beyonds that traverse this booming borough – have to say as they are brought to light by the relentless scenes of Comedy Wham. It’s a website dedicated to covering Austin’s live comedy in all its facets, offering podcast profiles and interviews with local and touring comics, showcasing their talent showcase and putting updated the Austin and Houston comedy calendars. Producer Valerie Lopez will have completed her 200th interview by the time you read this, and she’ll join the other 199 archived and available for your intellectual delight at the click of a mouse. Get a glimpse of this city’s talent, note which ones are hitting your funny bone the right way, and plan to see them, live, the next time they hit the stage in our increasingly commodified and comedic city. .

Connect with your Austin chronicle

And here we don’t mean “use us like you would use Tinder or Grindr”, no. We mean, dear reader, get to know us. Consult your Austin Chronicle online and treat yourself to, say, the hilarious (but undeniably wise and reasonable) advice from Luv Doc. Or delve into the treasure troves of Mr. Smarty Pants’ trippy anecdotes. Or join this fifth Thing to Do Online with one of the previous four. Think about your favorite improvisers, your favorite artists, your cherished theater makers, the performers you represent on the local comedy scene; chances are we’ve featured one or more of them on our pages, among our screens, in our four decades of reporting – so do a search for them. We don’t know what you don’t know, but we’re happy to reveal everything we’ve learned about our rapidly rocking city.

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