FloraCraft gives kids endless craft ideas


Did you know that the world leader in the manufacture of artisanal and floral foams is based in Michigan? FloraCrafts, based in Ludington, is probably responsible for supplying some of the foam balls, crowns and more that you use for many of your projects! Why is that? Because you can hang them at big retailers like Meijer, Walmart, JOANN, Amazon and more.

I really enjoy helping create crafts for your family during this time and our friends at FloraCraft have also stepped up to help. Beyond the couple, cute and adorable projects that I’m going to show off here, their website has all kinds of ideas as well as expert tutorials.

Pencil puppets: supplies for 6 different creatures and instructions for by clicking on this link.

An adult will need to step in on this one to help with a bit of trimming and a hot glue gun, but the kids will have a great time painting and putting together a magical game when all is said and done!

Teach me! -Skelly

Many of you have become home teachers as school is suspended. Make learning about the human body fun by making Skelly! (And they’ll get a little engineering lesson, too!) What’s nice about these projects is that on the website it shows which part of the project is best for kids and which is for an adult.

When you build these fantastic projects, share your photos with me.

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