Fun craft ideas for the weekends



It certainly took us a while to get used to not going out and spending time with friends and relatives on weekends. We had to be creative about how we spend our time.

At a loss of what fun DIY, can you do by staying indoors this weekend? We’ve got you covered with 7 awesome crafts you can do indoors.

Shaving Cream Marble Paints

These paints are so easy to do and give fun and colorful results. Simply lay a piece of paper in a baking dish, cover with shaving cream, then squeeze paint on top. Using a stud running through the shaving cream to create colorful, mottled streaks, allow your shaving cream to dry overnight for a gorgeous masterpiece.

Build a fairy house for your container garden

The world of fantasy is a world of magic. You can make a fun little fairy house for your backyard from different items and boxes found around your house. Even the milk cartons! Take plaster of paris and dip your various found objects in the liquid plaster mixture. Then let it dry. Once dry, you can paint your items however you like. Layer your pieces to create the perfect AirBnB fairy in your backyard.

Create a macrame wall hanging

All you need for this project is a different colored wire and a dowel rod. Start by cutting several pieces of wire of the same length. Tie several knots with the thread on the stud, then start tying patterns. There are a lot of fun knots to learn, like a reef knot or two half ties.

Free hand cross stitch

Take a photo of an object or landscape and try your hand at freehand cross stitch. You can learn a lot of new stitches this way, like running stitch and lazy daisy. It’s a great craft for a rainy day when you might get stuck indoors.

DIY soap making

Make your own soap from simple ingredients like beeswax and essential oils. You can add oatmeal or different dried herbs to add texture and use food coloring to make it colorful. Just about anything in the house can be a soap mold.

A flowery frame

Do you have old silk flowers? It’s time to put them to good use. Take a photo frame, your glue gun and start gluing the flower heads around the frame. Do you want to go further? Some neon or metallic spray paints can create a fun effect. Just be sure to glue the glass on before spray painting.

Make flower wreaths

Another great project to do with these old flowers is to make flower garland wreaths. These cute little wreaths can be as simple or as sophisticated as you make them. Try to balance the weight of the flowers on each side, so that one side doesn’t always slip off your head. It is said that heavy is the head that wears the crown, but not a crown of flowers!

Custom paint by numbers

The perfect home craft for the weekend is custom number canvas painting. It’s a great project to work on together and get all the kids involved. Especially if you have chosen something essential for all of you for your custom print, just let everyone pick a color and match the paint colors to the numbers on the print and move on to painting.

In conclusion, whether you just want to learn a new skill or revise an old hobby, there are many options you can do together to make your time at home on the weekends more enjoyable.


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