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Sometimes you have to buy online. Maybe you live somewhere a bit in the country like me, or maybe you have two little kids who would tear up a bead shop the time it took you to pick out a single pack of crimp beads. 3mm, like me, or maybe you have a favorite independent craft store that you discovered on vacation a few years ago and every once in a while you need to have a solution, like I do.

Whatever your reasons, there is no reason to necessarily shop on a big box store website; Not only are there tons of sites for Fabulous Fabrics and Yearn-Worthy Yarns, there are loads of great craft stores, some selling supplies and others selling handmade products, that would love to have your business :

  • Found, in Ann Arbor, is a store I discovered over a weekend at my daughter’s NICU meeting (long story – let’s just say you don’t exactly WANT to give birth six weeks earlier on the motorway five hours from your home). I love Found because much of his handmade work, created by local artists, is made from recycled materials – pendants with monograms cut from license plates, bowls woven from film strips, etc. Found also offers a selection of modern craft supplies like copper foil and vintage. awesomeness (think playing pieces, sheet music, chunks, and balls) that you can use for crafting as well.
  • While studying for my qualifying exams a few years ago, I had this complete mental breakdown and convinced myself, for some reason, that if I could learn to weld, I could pass my exams as well. Well I failed my qualifying exams, but I learned how to weld pretty well, and the book written by the owner of Simply Swank was the main reason I did it. Simply Swank has a selection of supplies for those interested in soldering jewelry or ornaments – a variety of copper foils, cut glass for those not yet skilled enough to do it themselves, embellishments and backgrounds and, of course, pink soldering irons.
  • Remember how you applied to the Renegade Craft Fair? Well, Renegade Handmade is the store associated with the fair – it has a wide variety of hand-crafted works by artists from all over, most of which are also associated with the Craft Fair in at least one of its locations.
  • I shopped at The Curiosity Shoppe last year while in San Francisco for a wedding my kids weren’t invited to (What’s up with that, anyway? that something fancy that those of us who were born in Arkansas aren’t supposed to understand? Some “I’m young and in love, and I don’t care how hard it is to find daycare”? Does this relate to the thing in which if you don’t go to the wedding but buy yourself the wedding gift for your husband to give to the couple when HE goes to the wedding, the thank you card doesn’t come out? Address only to HIM? It’s a small boutique-y small artisan gallery, and that same personality is reflected in its online presence. super cool craftsmanship and even the weird Built by Wendy model.

What are your favorite independent online craft stores?


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