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Many people forget that there is almost a month of fall left between Halloween and Christmas! More than a few people seem to skip the rest of the fall after Halloween, choosing to bring out the plastic Santa Claus and inflatable reindeer long before Thanksgiving, but fall is here until mid-December, which means that there is time for lots of fun and fall crafts.

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Too many families make a turkey or two handprints and consider their fall crafts. If your family enjoys making crafts all year round, go beyond feathers and create some cute crafts that have nothing to do with turkeys.

Leaf lanterns

Enjoy your family meals at the table by the light of a leafy lantern after making these adorable lanterns! Use a safe glass container for candles, whether it is a jar or candle holder, as long as it is clear or transparent. If you plan to use electric candles, you can use whatever clear container you have on hand.

Use Mod Podge and glue some dry fall leaves to the glass, giving it a natural look that’s perfect for the season. Play with color schemes, shapes and patterns. As a prelude to this craft, go on a leaf hike to find the perfect leaves to use on your project.

Apple stamps

Remember cutting apples in half and stamping everything with them to make apple or star shaped prints? It was the highlight of kindergarten for many children. Relive your childhood with this simple and fun craft. Experiment with different paints or try your hand at making your own homemade colors! Use natural food coloring in yogurt and eat your art if you want! Use the stamps to embellish other artwork or create apple-decorated wrapping paper with newspaper or brown paper.

This is a great activity to do after apple picking. Pair it with sliced ​​apples and apple cider for a perfectly themed snack.

Pine cone creatures

Gather pine cones and arrange lots of feathers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and glue for the kids. Let their creativity run wild as they create all the creatures they love, from rabbits and squirrels to robots and aliens! When dry, they will make colorful yet comfortable decorations for the home.

The best thing about pine cone crafts is that you can use them throughout fall and winter, making them a more versatile craft. They also make imaginative toys and gifts! Take out a felt rug or make a river with a strip of blue silk and let the kids create stories with their critters.

Tassel Crafts

If you have an oak tree in your house, you might curse the constantly falling leaves or the acorns hitting your windshield, but you have so many free craft supplies in your own backyard! You can paint the acorns themselves (bake them to kill the lurking creatures first) or take them out and just paint the inside of the tops for a really pretty centerpiece. For toddlers, just picking up acorns is a fun activity, and they can finger paint them. Older kids might like to add glitter glue.

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Fill a bowl with them, glue them on yarn to make a garland, or use them to decorate for fall in general.

Pumpkin painting

Pumpkins are welcome throughout the fall, not just Halloween! Paint your favorite fall objects on a pumpkin, whether it’s leaves or pumpkin spice slats! Try painting stripes in fall colors, or paint your pumpkins white and add burgundy and goldenrod dots. Use them as a centerpiece for your table and add pine cones, corn, and items you find on your fall hikes.

Take the mini pumpkins a step further and cut out their centers to use them as candle holders. Make sure you only use tea lights already on a metal base to protect your table.

Scrap Coats

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For many families, fall is the time for Renaissance fairs. Whether this is true for you or whether you just have children who love Harry potter or dress up, now is the perfect time to make coats, tunics and other fun things to wear with everything you have in the house – from old sheets and shower curtains to felt or scraps of fabric. Not a Potter fan? Make a costume for your favorite character from Wizard of Oz Where Game Of Thrones.

You don’t plan to attend the Fair or dress up? Make cool fall clothes for your child’s action figures, dolls, and other toys. What teddy bear wouldn’t be even cuter in an orange shirt with leaves falling on it?

Flower Bookmarks

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If you keep leaves and flowers with your kids, why not make them something you can use throughout the fall by tucking them into beautiful bookmarks? Children have more than ever with school in session. You can use contact paper or lamination film. Use a nice piece of colored paper to place your leaves, flowers, and herbs on it before sealing it. It will make it really pop.

You can punch a hole in the top of your bookmark for threading through or just leave it as is, whichever you prefer. Leaf and flower bookmarks also make great gifts for teachers and friends!


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Growing something is a powerful feeling, and terrariums allow you to do that while bringing the outdoors inside for a burst of greenery. Take a mason jar and layer the bottom with stones, then dirt on top. For an even more colorful fall vibe, add dry corn kernels. Then put something cute that you would love in your terrarium – whether it’s a small animal, a figurine or Demogorgon. You can also make it the home of your new pet rock and draw lines on it!

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Then add your plants! You can plant moss from your own garden or a plant you picked up from the store.

Felt the creatures of the woods

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Have you ever tried felting? It’s a relaxing and fun hobby you can do with the kids, creating everything from tiny, fluffy acorns to squirrels, rabbits and soft raccoons to play with. There are complete kits you can buy to get started with felting, but you can save money by buying just the basics.

Once you have a nice little group of fall critters, you can play with them, give them as gifts, or use them on your fall table. Kids who enjoy this hobby might even want to make bigger projects like cute fall felted hats.


Mycology enthusiasts know that mushrooms can be found at any time. Depending on where you live, for many of us they are a reminder of the fall season. Make your own cute mushrooms using clay, felt, or whatever medium you like. Bake your clay if you want to keep it as a decoration.

When you’re done, you can still play around with your designs, but consider making an autumn-themed fairy house with them at the foot of a tree or even in your home. Add a small door made from craft sticks, stones, and tiny furniture, whether handmade or purchased.

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