GTA Online aliens invade Los Santos for Halloween



Aliens will be invading GTA Online today, just in time for Halloween. Players can experience the storm themselves by logging in at the right time.

As part of a Halloween-themed virtual event, Rockstar is adding otherworldly visual and weather effects to GTA Online. This free roaming event is part of a larger effort to showcase spooky Halloween elements in GTA Online This year.

GTA Online is no stranger to special events and updates. As a game with many live service elements, GTA Online Constantly receives support in the form of content updates, incentives to increase PR, and time-limited offers. Players can even take part in regular challenges while traveling the open world lobby. GTA Online has not served as major alien-themed content until now, but aliens, UFOs, and space plots have appeared throughout the RGT series, especially in Grand Theft Auto V.

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Looks like aliens are going to make their foray into GTA Online, if only for a short time. Twitter account News from the GTA recently shared a video that portrays the eerie global event up close and personal, giving viewers a close look at the haunting green sky lit by lightning and littered with UFOs Unlike the recent Squid Game GTA Online challenges, it appears to be an official event created by Rockstar itself, rather than a fan-made mod or game mode. Players can see the Alien Storm for themselves by logging in GTA Online between 7:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. (game time), according to GTA News.

This real-time global event creation initiative is reminiscent of other popular live service titles like Call of Duty: War Zone and Fortnite, games that regularly feature limited-time modes, unlockables, and other exclusive content. These often happen during holidays like Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and of course, Halloween. It’s a strategy that seems to work well for these games, as it keeps the public eye on them and keeps players coming back to check out the seasonal content. Recent data shows that GTA Online won over $ 911 million last year, proving just how much these types of events can help keep players engaged.

In the case of GTA Online, it seems like this alien-based event is mostly superficial, as it doesn’t seem to offer any unique gameplay bonuses, changes, or new things to unlock for players to really get their teeth into. Planes also cannot approach UFOs, which means players hoping to board these alien hot rods might be out of luck. Always, GTA Online offers a host of unique Halloween content, so anyone looking to get into the spooky spirit will still have a lot to do.

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GTA Online is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: GTA News / Twitter

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