How to Watch Pixar Bao’s Oscar-winning Short Film Online


Oscar-winning Pixar short Bao follows a Chinese-Canadian mother suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome, but where is the film available online?

Here’s how to watch Pixar’s short film Bao online and whether it’s available to stream with Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. Over the past few years, Pixar has made concerted efforts to create more diverse and culturally inclusive films. Soul, for example, is the first Pixar film to feature a noir protagonist while another feature film coco embraces Mexican culture. The short movie Sanjay’s great team, meanwhile, follows a first-generation American Indian boy who struggles to reconcile his love of Western pop culture with his father’s Hindu traditions.

The short movie Bao is another example of Pixar embracing greater cultural diversity. It is led by Upside down History artist Domee Shi – the first woman to direct a Pixar short – and tells the story of an older Chinese-Canadian mother who suffers from Empty Nest Syndrome but has a second chance at motherhood when ‘a steamed dumpling she’s making suddenly comes to life. This Pixar short was inspired by Shi’s own experiences as the only child of Chinese-Canadian immigrants, alongside Western and Asian folk tales like Gingerbread man and Momotarō.

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Bao was released in theaters alongside Incredibles 2 in 2018 and was a hit with critics who praised the short film’s painstakingly detailed animation and moving exploration of the experience of Chinese immigrants in the context of motherly love and cultural ties to food. It also won the Oscar for Best Animated Short in 2019, but where can Pixar fans watch? Bao in line?


Unfortunately, Pixar Bao is currently not available to watch with Netflix, Hulu, nor is it free with a Prime Video subscription (although users can purchase it for $ 1.99 in SD or $ 2.99 in HD ). The best way to watch the short film Bao online is with Disney + who also has plenty of other Pixar shorts in their library, including Sanjay’s super team, The blue umbrella, Loop and Terrier – to name a few. Alternately, Bao can be purchased or rented on iTunes and Vudu.

Animation fans who like Bao will be happy to hear that Domee Shi is set to make her directorial debut with a Disney-Pixar film titled Turn red which should be released in 2022. Like Bao, Turn red sees Shi draw inspiration from her own life as the only child of immigrant parents and follows a Chinese-Canadian teenager struggling with both adolescence and the fact that she transforms into a giant red panda whenever ‘she is too excited or stressed.

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