It’s worth it | ‘EVE Online’ Uprising Expansion Release Date Set for Next Week, Showcasing New Ships

EVE is a community-driven massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, set in a world of galactic proportions. This online universe is governed by a hyper-capitalist economy where spaceflight is the channel of all exchanges, communications and conflicts. Your mission is to establish yourself as a major competitor, trusted by your friends, feared by your enemies. To do this, your main tools – besides an impressive array of sophisticated equipment, customizable starships and in-game corporations – will be your natural business acumen, social skills, Machiavellian thinking and cunning combat strategies.

Set tens of thousands of years in the future, EVE Online is a breathtaking journey to the stars, to an immersive experience filled with adventure, riches, danger and glory. With nearly a quarter of a million subscribers worldwide living in the same virtual universe, EVE features a vast player-driven economy where your greatest asset is the spaceship, designed to suit your needs, skills and specific ambitions. EVE offers professions ranging from commodity trader to mercenary, industrial entrepreneur to pirate, mining engineer to battle fleet commander or any combination thereof and much more. From negotiating trade deals to warfare, you’ll have access to a wide range of sophisticated tools and interfaces to forge your own destiny in EVE.

CCP Games has announced that EVE: Insurrectionthe latest narrative expansion for space MMOs EVE online, will be launched on November 8, 2022.

With redesigned battle lines and a call to arms heard across New Eden, Capsuleers will now be able to pilot 16 new Navy ships. Each empire is set to receive new frigates, battlecruisers, destroyers, and dreadnoughts, giving players more ways to fight, explore, and interact as they seek to carve out a role for themselves in the universe.

EVE: Insurrection brings a series of new content and features as well as numerous graphical and performance improvements to EVE online. The Future of Warfare has arrived with an intense, combat-focused Faction Warfare update. Enlisted players can claim territory on behalf of their empire and engage other factions via new “Frontlines”: bringing pilots closer to the front of the battlefield to gain rewards and strategic advantages over their enemies. As Factional Warfare evolves with more changes, players will see the battlefield of New Eden pose new challenges, threats, and unintended consequences.

With the Heraldry system, players can now show off their colors with corporation and alliance emblems that can be placed on their ships. Corporation and Alliance Emblems will serve as an introduction to Heraldry, with many more customization options to come, such as Citadel SKINS and holograms.

Check out your new ships:


  • Minmatar – Naglfar Fleet Issue: Bringing the notoriously massive firepower of the Naglfar, the Navy variant also offers increased versatility thanks to the powerful combination of double armor, improved shield repair bonuses and additional utility slots, this which gives him more flexibility on the battlefield with an energy neutralizing capital.
  • Caldari – Phoenix Navy Issue: The Phoenix’s massive precision-guided missiles and heavy shields have always made it popular. Along with the increased damage, its new target painter bonus synergizes with missiles, allowing the ship to better apply its damage to targets.
  • Amarr – Revelation Navy Issue: Long considered a premier specimen of Amarr military muscle, the Revelation has undergone an overhaul, with increased bonuses to damage, energy transfer and armor resistances, making it a sky monster.
  • Gallente – Moros Navy Issue: The Moros stock has always had a knack for unleashing horrific damage. Her Marine upgrade improves armor repair strength while increasing range, an upgrade that makes her another formidable option for the battlefield!


  • Minmatar – Thrasher Fleet Issue: The Thrasher has always been known for its phenomenal speed. Her Marine iteration, however, picks up the pace even further, adding faster guns to the mix in the form of increased turret fire rate and a signature radius bonus that allows her to dance between shots. bigger opponents.
  • Caldari – Cormorant Navy Issue: Presenting pilots with a piercing option for sniping, the Cormorant Navy Issue also brings a bonus shield booster that allows for strong defensive repairs. It’s a menacing combination of range and shield!
  • Amarr – Coercer Navy Issue: The classic Coercer has received the navy overhaul it deserves. Introducing a reduction in the need for Energy Neutralization Capacitor and a bonus for armor HP, the new Coercer takes the potential of heavy armored ships to new heights.
  • Gallente – Catalyst Navy Issue: With a reduced plate mass penalty and a bonus to armor repair, the perennially popular Catalyst Navy rework now offers increased damage and better armor agility . Spare a thought for all those caught in the crosshairs of its turrets.


  • Minmatar – Cyclone Fleet Issue: Redesigned with over a decade of technical advancements, this Cyclone marine version can launch an impressive volume of missiles in a very short time. He speaks a simple language – that of complete destruction.
  • Caldari – Ferox Navy Issue: Immensely powerful, the powerful armor of the Ferox Navy Issue makes it capable of single-handedly reducing entire squadrons to smoking wreckage. It also presents itself as one of the most flexible ships in New Eden, suitable for all sorts of situations.
  • Amarr – Prophecy Navy Issue: Adhering to the Amarr doctrine of super heavy armor and powerful energy weapons, the Prophecy Navy features streamlined onboard drone control systems, creating additional space to allow for more advanced crystal focusing technology, bringing additional long-range energy weapons to its menacing loadout.
  • Gallente – Myrmidon Navy Issue: Bringing distinct webification drone technology, the upgraded Myrmidon proves a powerful combination; the drones being able to trap distant targets, allowing this spiked column of destruction to slowly fall on its prey.


  • Minmatar – Probe Fleet Issue: This ship brings powerful firepower and elegant data-mining capabilities, which also makes it capable of cracking encryption codes and opening the hulls of a diplomat’s shuttle .
  • Caldari – Heron Navy Problem: The reconnaissance and exploration capabilities of the Heron Navy come with enough firepower to seize and hold any new discoveries…or devastate intruders on the fringes of Caldari space.
  • Amarr – Magnate Navy Issue: Combining dedicated scanning probe launcher processing capability and enhanced energy weapon systems, the Magnate Navy Issue delivers a potent combination that elevates the craft beyond the expectations of what may be the frigates.
  • Gallente – Imicus Navy Issue: Significantly improved drone capabilities combined with special processing systems give this ship the ability to locate likely targets and shoot them down with an impressive array of weaponry.

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