Kudumbashree to pilot coir and craft stores



The Kudumbashree mission will pilot two coir and craft stores in the state to provide a market for products made by industries such as coir that employ women in large numbers.

The stores are set up as part of the Chief Minister’s 100-day program. Stores will be piloted in Kasaragod and Alappuzha districts, although an administrative sanction has been received to set up 300 of the 500 targeted stores. The Alappuzha store will be located in the municipal complex inside the private Alappuzha bus station and the Kasaragod store in the Kalikadavu panchayat building in Pilicode.

The stores, ranging in size from 100 to 500 square feet, will provide a market for products made by Kudumbashree and Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd., with which it has an agreement, outside of handicrafts. It is also planned to include cashew and products from other public sector companies such as Milma and Kerafed.

The stores are also intended to serve as storage for the Kudumbashree home stores so that Kudumbashree women can collect the products from these warehouse stores and distribute them to households. All panchayats have been ordered to find commercial space available for Kudumbashree to set up the Coir and Craft Store.

Loan and grant

The Kudumbashree will provide a soft loan of 5 lakh for the start-up of each store. The mission also corrected the layout of the stores.

Recipients must be Kudumbashree Business Groups, Regional Development Societies (ADS) or Community Development Societies (CDS). The interest on the loan for business groups is 4%, while that for CDS or ADS committees is zero. The maximum repayment term is six years

The Kudumbashree will provide a grant of 1.5 lakh to beneficiaries subject to conditions. His first payment of 50,000 will be sanctioned if the interest and the principle of the loan are paid on time in the first six months. If payments for the next six months are also made on time, an additional 50,000 is authorized. The last payment will be sanctioned once the refund has been made.


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