Local arts and crafts now for sale online on the new website



Shoppers will now be able to purchase beautiful Namibian arts and crafts online with the all-new www.namibiacraftshop.com.

This initiative was initiated by the National Arts Council of Namibia which commissioned the Namibia Craft Center (NCC) to oversee and manage the development of an e-commerce portal that would showcase all Namibian arts and crafts. handmade.

With all the foreclosure restrictions that have been implemented around the world, it has come at an opportune time for artisans to expand their distribution beyond traditional stores and markets.

GIZ Namibia’s Business Advisory and Economic Transformation Promotion (ProBATS) program provided funding to NCC for the labor-intensive task of content collection and site management. e-commerce, as well as digital marketing support.

The Covid pandemic has caused global lockdown, which has crippled tourism. The Namibian economy in general, and MSMEs in particular (such as artisans, small-scale arts and crafts manufacturers) are struggling to survive due to their dependence on tourism. The lack of travelers and tourists to Namibia meant that Namibian souvenirs and handicrafts had lost the majority of their customers. However, www.namibiacraftshop.com makes these beautiful and desirable products available online, allowing artisans across Namibia not only to be represented in the physical stores of the Namibia Craft Center, but also online.

Easy to navigate, the well-designed website offers visitors and especially buyers an exceptional and secure online shopping experience. The products range from souvenirs, jewelry, leather goods, art and collectibles, recycled crafts, clothing and many other products. Payments can be made just like any other shopping platform and are safe and secure with various payment options. Shipping is facilitated by NCC’s partner DHL.

Shareen Thude, Chief Executive Officer of the NCC said: “This step forward we have taken as a sector in creating and launching www.namibiacraftshop.com cannot be underestimated. Namibian arts and crafts made by very talented small businesses deserve to be available on the global internet platform.

“We want to establish a comprehensive portal for the arts and crafts sector and continue to invite artisans across Namibia to contact the NCC so that the product line can be expanded,” she added.

Meanwhile, with the expertise of ProBATS, SMEs are being helped to maintain the viability of their businesses, to open up new perspectives and to enable artisans to adapt during the pandemic.

The online sales platform, www.namibiacraftshop.com is a direct result and demonstrates that entrepreneurs and SMEs are able to adapt to disruptions and maintain business operations and the overall sustainability of the company. Empower women and men to continue to provide for their families and communities and use the internet as a sales tool to empower them in a whole new way.


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