Mag-Pie Gift & Art Shop serving Clarksdale for over a decade


By Aimée Robinette

Mag-Pie Gift & Art Shop is a one-of-a-kind space that has existed for over 108 years. The store opened in 1912 in Clarksdale and has been in the same location ever since. Owner Kathy Goode said the store is often referred to as The Gift and Art Shop, which suits her very well. “We offer a variety of merchandise to our customers,” she says. “At one time, we were considered the Delta’s bridal shop.” Although brides don’t sign up much for these items anymore, Goode still has a wonderful collection of porcelain, scabs and cutlery. “If we don’t have it, I’m definitely ready to try and get it,” she adds.

In addition to bridal needs, Goode says they offer a range of home decor items, which includes lamps, mirrors, and furniture. She also stocks a variety of candles such as Voluspa. “We also have adorable baby items and have a baby registry to make baby shower shopping easy,” she says. “We have the ever popular women’s loungewear brand PJ Harlow and Barefoot Dreams. We really have something for everyone.

Goode bought the store in June 2017 when she heard the owners were trying to sell. “At first I laughed at the thought that I had to ‘The Gift & Art Shop‘, but I couldn’t help but think of the opportunity. I have two daughters and I thought it would be wonderful if maybe one day we could work together, ”she says. “I felt like God was saying, ‘if you want to do it, this is your opportunity.’ I loved every minute I spent at the company, even if it was a bit overwhelming at times. I really enjoy being in the store and seeing and helping the customers that I have come to know. I cherish the relationships that have been established with people I would not have met otherwise.

Goode recognizes that times have changed and that many people prefer to shop online, but she hopes everyone will continue to buy local first and give her hometown a chance. “Customers have suggested certain items to me and if I think it’s okay with us, I’ll try it. We are in the process of launching our e-commerce side of the store, ”she said of an online presence. “We currently have several marriage registers available online. I invite you to consult us @

During this time, which could change as regulations continue to change with government suggestions, Goode is available in the store Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Of course, it is also available by appointment.


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