Maison Numen offers a multitude of Latin American crafts online


Launch of a new Maison Numen online platform with Latin American crafts

Nowadays, people are increasingly interested in the authenticity of their design – always intrigued by the craftsman behind the cutlery or the craftsman responsible for the intricate weaving of their rugs. The new Maison Numen online store takes it a step further, capturing design stories from hidden corners in often overlooked areas of the design world.

The brand’s first project explores Latin America. From the craftsmen of the peripheral Venezuelan part of the Andes to the Mexican colonial pockets, Maison Numen shares these indigenous talents in a first collection entitled “Latin Animae Vol 1”.

The inaugural range includes textiles, woodwork and ceramics, all from Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico or Colombia. What they have in common: they are all handcrafted in their region of origin, transposing their cultural characteristics into unique works of art.

After traveling themselves to collect the creations, the founders Jessica Macias and Ana Caufman strive to share the special culture of their star designers, telling us about the difficulties they had to cross these places. The Amazon River in Venezuela, for example: “Everything is dry right now,” says Bader Gonzalez, Marketing Director of Numen, “so you can’t even access it right now”.

Ordered according to the themes “Atlas”, “History” or “Materials” on the Maison Numen website, each piece has a personality and character that relates to its origin. There is a slight quirk in the Talavera technique and katalox wood that can only be found in Mexico, and a sense of softness in the organic “Wii” baskets created in the Amazon rainforest by its female indigenous inhabitants.

While many of these pieces remain traditional in style, a contemporary look is evident in the clean, creamy ceramics made from Jiutepec clay, from Morelos, Mexico. Designers have rejuvenated the tropical material and turned it into modern, minimalist design pieces.

“We grew up with them,” Macias says when asked which model was his favorite, “they’re our babies! The Maison Numen is launching a second collection, ‘Latin Animae Vol 2’, in September.

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