Michaels craft stores now operate as UPS drop-off and pick-up points


For artisans who frequent Michaels (NASDAQ: MIK), North America’s largest craft retailer, UPS (NYSE: UPS) has turned 1,100 Michaels stores nationwide into UPS hotspots. This means that customers can ship or drop packages while they are shopping for Halloween yarn or decor.

“Michaels has long been recognized as a one-stop-shop for all decorating and creative needs and delivering value to our customers through UPS Access Point® locations will bring additional convenience to our buyers,” said Matthew Rubin, Michaels Senior Vice President of Business Development. and Growth. “Whether it’s picking up a package at one of our stores, dropping off a pre-labeled return package, or shipping the latest fine art, DIY projects – or whatever else you want. ship – direct from your preferred Michaels location, we’re here for you every step of the way.

As part of the UPS Access Point® program, UPS customers can choose to have their packages redirected to UPS Store, CVS or Michaels, whichever store best fits their schedules. Instead of missing a home delivery or worrying about their unattended package being stolen, customers can combine in-store purchases with pickup or returns of their purchases online.

When asked how this partnership benefits UPS retail partners in addition to increasing foot traffic, Michaels public relations manager Mallory Smith said the union of forces adds convenience to “The omnichannel shopping experience”.

Smith told FreightWaves, “This latest enhancement provides our customers with a convenient and efficient solution to meet their shipping needs and is another way to integrate innovation into our stores, focusing on customer solutions for stimulate long-term growth. ”

“By partnering with Michaels, we can facilitate business relationships with UPS in a way that suits the busy lifestyles of our customers,” said Kevin Warren, UPS Marketing Director. “Our UPS My Choice® home solution, used by more than 60 million consumers worldwide, pairs perfectly with our UPS Access Point® locations, giving our customers more choice and control.

However, UPS has not cornered the market on the alliance of retail and e-commerce. In June 2019, FedEx began partnering with Dollar General stores towards a similar goal. Since Dollar General stores are ubiquitous in rural communities, FedEx is able to extend its reach beyond urban areas. This partnership has been launched with 1,500 Dollar General stores and is expected to reach 8,000 by the end of 2020.

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