Never Shop The Hobby Lobby Again: A List of Alternative Craft Stores Both Chain and Independent



We now know that a positive way to promote change is to make conscious purchases. We did it with a certain chicken fast food chain and now we can do it with crafts. I know it sounds surprising, but there are arts and crafts stores that value their employees! Surprising, isn’t it ?!

The thing about Hobby Lobby is that they literally don’t sell anything that you can’t ever buy at every craft store. The Hobby Lobby in Fort Collins is right across from a Michaels, two blocks from Jo-Ann and down the road from a handful of local independent craft spots. You don’t need a Hobby Lobby. Even if you live in a town where there is only one Hobby Lobby (I don’t fully believe such a place exists as local craft spots are everywhere), most places sell online, even The Indies.

This list of resources for buying craft supplies from places that value their employees isn’t as comprehensive as it could be, but it’s a start. You can help us find the amazing local independent places in your city by letting me know in the comments! Together, we can ensure that no feminist ever has to step foot inside those prejudiced orange doors Monday through Saturday again.

via flickr

via flickr

Large chain stores

These chain stores provide a valuable alternative to Hobby Lobby and have never taken an anti-women or anti-queer stance as far as I know. That’s not to say they’re the perfect companies, but they are widely available alternatives if you’re struggling to find independent craft stores in your area. I’ve also included knowledge about treating employees so you can make informed purchasing choices. If you’ve worked in any of these stores before and can offer a preview, let me know!

Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store

Jo-Ann is a big box craft chain with over 800 stores nationwide. They’re found in a ton of states across America, so they’re generally as accessible as any other craft store chain. They sell fabric, thread, and beads, as well as sewing, jewelry-making, and baking supplies. You can buy online and they always have coupons that you can use on your phone or print to help save you a few bucks. I can also say with random assurance that they throw awesome birthday parties for the kids.

How employees are treated:

  • Salaries for Jo-Ann employees are around minimum wage, averaging around $ 7 to $ 10 / hr for a team member.
  • Jo-Ann offers benefits and a health package for part-time team members, including some paid time off.
  • Employee reviews on from Jo-Ann stores gave the company an average rating, with some specifically saying it was the best or worst job they’ve ever had. Employees reviewed said management and supervisors were well organized or poor – locations varied widely, possibly indicating that retail store managers also vary widely. The positive reviews all said the work environment was the best part of the job, with one saying, “My colleagues are great. I like to believe that it’s the workers who make my store a great place to work.


Michaels is another giant arts and craft store chain. Among a million other things, they sell yarn, artist supplies, floral supplies, jewelry making supplies, bakeware, scrapbooking supplies, and random $ 1 packets of note cards. blanks that I can’t stop buying. They are nationwide and even have stores across Canada. Michaels also offers online shopping and offers coupons that you should use.

How employees are treated:

  • Michaels’ salaries are average (higher than Jo-Ann’s), and most cashiers are paid minimum wage.
  • Michaels offers benefits and a health package to part-time employees.
  • Most employee reviews on regarding Michaels are very positive. Most employee reviews say things like, “The most enjoyable part of the job is talking to clients about their plans, their weddings, and getting their artistic advice.” It’s a fun environment (sic) ”and“ Being a retail store it’s a great place for people to start their first jobs. The management is great and will work with you if you have a hectic schedule because of school. The most common drawbacks were that there were not enough hours for temporary employees.

Artist and craftsman supplies

Artist and Craftsman Supply is filled with really cool people who can help you out in extremely random places across America, and Riese highly recommends them. They specialize in art supplies, so you can find all the typical canvases, drawings, paintings in addition to a small offering of sculpting supplies and craft supplies like yarn. Their All Things Considered area is the best for finding random things you totally need, like this sweet giraffe mask. You can buy online through their website.

How employees are treated:

  • Pay rates for retail clerks average $ 9 per hour.
  • It is not clear whether or not all employees benefit from a health care program, although job postings for full-time employees come with a set of benefits.
  • To be fair, Artist and Craftsman Supply received fairly low employee satisfaction ratings from A positive review from one employee said, “The majority of store managers and employees are amazing people who really want to help customers have an amazing experience. A lot of employees don’t like senior management. Three people examined did not approve of CEO Larry Alderstein.

AC Moore

East Coasters, I’m so jealous that you have AC Moore. AC Moore sells bakeware, thread and needle crafts, scrapbooking supplies, and flowers, among others. You can buy their products and merchandise online.

How employees are treated:

  • Salaries for AC Moore employees are approximately $ 7 to $ 9 an hour for sales associates.
  • AC Moore offers benefits to part-time employees.
  • 54 employee reviews on gave the company 3.5 stars out of 5. Positive reviews say, “It was easy to talk to management and issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently. A neutral reviewer says, “Great place for job seekers looking for less than 30 hours per week at around minimum wage,” which says it all.

Pat Catan’s

Pat Catan’s is a family-friendly craft hotspot for Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. They sell baking supplies, flowers, beads, scrapbooking, and crafts, among others.

How employees are treated:

  • Pat Catan employee pay rates are the average minimum wage, from $ 7 to $ 8 / hr.
  • Pat Catan’s offers benefits to full-time employees, although it is not clear whether this extends to part-time employees.
  • From a total of employee reviews on, we can assume that Pat Catan’s is a “great place to work.” Excellent management. The teamwork is great. Colleagues are great. It is by far the best place to work. However, out of five employee reviews on Glassdoor, Pat Catan’s only gets two out of five stars. Negative reviews include: “It was like pulling your teeth out sometimes to get more hours.” Barely covers living expenses ”and“ Advancement is next to impossible, the same managers have been there for 30 years, store managers choose friends to promote before hard workers who deserve it. “

Buy random handbags of craft supplies for cheap on ebay!  via this weird ebay listing

Buy random handbags of cheap craft supplies on ebay! via this weird ebay listing

Online Retailers

Amazon and eBay and Etsy have a surprising amount of cheap craft supplies. If you’re struggling to find pearls or a more specific Hunter Green shade of felt, these are the three places I would recommend because you can always find exactly what you want.

Factory direct craftsmanship, Oriental trade and Savings on crafts are three gigantic online retailers that are totally overwhelming if you are just browsing. You can find almost any type of crafting supplies in these three places. If you can’t, I doubt it exists. To take on these giants and get the most out of them, I recommend having something specific in mind, whether it’s a finished product or a party theme, and go from there.

Purl Soho Wire Wall via Uppercase Magazine

Purl Soho Wire Wall via Uppercase Magazine

Stunning local independent venues by city

Support your local independent craft store!

Independent arts and crafts shops are sanctuaries where everything is done. Supporting local businesses means you pay directly back to your community and give small businesses a boost. Many independent stores sell online and aren’t limited to the area, but the experience and beauty of a local craft store is something we all should be in for. Check out the ones we love below:


Burlington, Vermont




Kansas City

Laguna Beach, California

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Los Angeles


New York City


Philadelphia cream


San Antonio

San Francisco

Stevens Point, WI

Washington DC

West Lafayette, IN

Please note, these are only the ones we know so far! Let us know your favorites in the comments so we can add it to the list!


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