New Caught on Canvas art store opens in Stalham


The bright, bold colors of Norfolk’s landscapes and sunrises take center stage in the paintings of an artist from Stalham who is about to open his own boutique.

Howard Hornagold – known as Horis – has taken over the High Street premises that were once Jimmy Tooley’s charity shop.

Mr Hornagold, who paints in acrylics, said: “I do mostly Norfolk scenes, especially coastal and Broadland scenes. There are a lot of windmills and sunrises – I’m a sunrises. early on, so I like to go out and take pictures and paint on the pictures. I add my own twists and bits of color to it. “

Mr Hornagold, 58, said he believed the store would be a better base for his art business than selling canvases and prints only online.

He said he plans to open on April 12 and will also sell art supplies, including canvases, paintbrushes, charcoals and pencils.

Howard ‘Horis’ Hornagold in his new shop in Stalham, Caught on Canvas.
– Credit: provided by Howard Hornagold

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He said: “My partner is going to help me so that maybe I can do a few things online. But the store will also be a working studio, so I will do my paintings there.”

Mr. Hornagold worked as a decorator and on offshore oil rigs. He said: “I’ve always been in art, especially when it’s with bright colors and a bit abstract.

“After I retired I got back to it and when the first lockdown happened last year it went really well. A lot of people who saw my paintings said ‘you should sell this’ .

“So as soon as I saw this vacant store, I went there. “

Mr Hornagold said prices for his works ranged from £ 20 for prints to £ 250 for original canvases, and he said there would be postcards and greeting cards for sale as well.

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