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CP photo: Jared Wickerham

TJ Harris, owner of The DJ Connection, and Josh Snider, owner of Flower City Printmakers, examine boxes of records inside their location in Bridgeville.

About two months ago, TJ Harris was heading to a DJ gig when he discovered one of his cables was faulty.

“There were literally two stores I could go to at the time, and both were 15 miles from where I was,” says Harris. “And I wasn’t far from Pittsburgh or anything.”

This got him to think of other DJs in town who are probably facing similar situations.

“[When] we have this emergency, and there’s nowhere to go for DJ equipment, ”he says. “Pianos N Stuff is moving further and further away from it, Guitar Center has a terrible selection that they never update, and there isn’t really a business owned and operated for DJs. In Pittsburgh alone, I know there are over 250 of us working on a regular basis.

This experience led Harris to open The DJ Connection, a new store in Bridgeville offering vinyl, DJ equipment, clothing, printing services and more; Plus, the space was big enough to house a second location for Harris’ business partner Josh Snider, the owner of Flower City Printmakers in Bloomfield.

“Our main goal for the store is to promote the art and music culture as much as possible, because that’s what interests us both, personally,” says Harris. Flower City Printmakers, staffed by artists, does all the printing for the Rex Theater, Roxian Leatre, Thunderbird Café & Music Hall and Spirit.

Harris and Snider have worked together for about five and a half years, sharing booths at wedding and other shows, providing event assistance (i.e. entertainment and print materials) in one location. A combined showcase was a natural progression in their partnership.
“We’ll keep things separate in a way, but share a location and hopefully share lots of clients,” Snider said. “It’s very symbiotic.”

Click to enlarge TJ Harris, owner of The DJ Connection, and Josh Snider, owner of Flower City Printmakers - PR PHOTO: JARED WICKERHAM

CP photo: Jared Wickerham

TJ Harris, owner of The DJ Connection, and Josh Snider, owner of Flower City Printmakers

If it seems like a lot is going on, it is. “But it’s a two-story business,” says Harris.

The upstairs serves as a lounge where Harris can meet clients. There is a separate entrance just off Washington Avenue, the main drag in Bridgeville. Visitors can access the retail space through the back entrance; upon entering the lower level, visitors are greeted with clothes racks in addition to the Snider production area. At the back of the store are records, more clothing (there are also new and used books), and new and used DJ gear that can be bought or rented.

The clothes are a combination of vintage clothing, like a 1980s Billy Joel shirt and a few Eagles pieces, and products from smaller clothing lines such as Native 412, Moon Cat Creations, and San Francisco-based Reprezent Clothing.

“We are the only business on the East Coast to sell [Reprezent], says Harris. “They do very elaborate pop culture, Obey-esque type clothing.”

Harris also works with Tammeka Dennison, Jimmy Wapo’s mother, and offers Wapo hoodies and shirts for men and women. All the money from these sales goes to the family of the late rapper. Rebel Bred Clothing, a Pittsburgh streetwear line created by Nathan Brooks in 2016, joined the store earlier in the week with a launch party on Monday, January 20, Martin Luther King Day.

DJ Connection / Flower City Printmakers are planning an official grand opening in April, giving them a few months to make their mark.

“For the last six years I’ve been a full-time DJ, I haven’t really had a real nine-to-five,” Harris says. “So I’m still adjusting to the schedule. ”


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