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A new type of tattoo shop recently opened in Union that allows visitors to get a tattoo, enjoy local art, or do both.

Altered Ink & Art Studio, owned by Joshua Sowders and Bobby Dissman, is located at 802 W. Highway 50 in Union. It is the first tattoo shop to open in the Union.

Sowders said he got interested in tattooing after getting several for himself. After meeting Dissman, he discovered that they had the same vision to create something different and to open a store.

“We’re doing a lot more than just tattooing here,” Sowders said. “There is all kinds of art here. From watercolors to spray paint to ceramics, we have it all. We sell all of our art and we do local art shipments for artists at East Central College.

“We just want this to be more than your average tattoo studio.”

One of the ways they plan to do this is to have tattoo artists with different styles. Sowders, who specializes in watercolors and camouflage tattooing, is joined by his three apprentices, Jayk Brown, Jason Miller and Ashley Wolf, all of whom specialize in a different kind of art.

“We are all artists and I believe a good tattoo artist should be good at anything artistic,” Sowders said. “Here we all have different talents.

The team plans to harness their individual talents and help people have a great experience while creating something that will last a lifetime.

“When people come here it’s probably a completely different environment than they expect,” he said. “We are very, very welcoming. There are always smiles and laughter. We just want everyone to feel right at home and leave with the best job we can do every time. “

The studio is also building a recording studio. The project, led by Brown and Luke Coulter, will allow local artists to come and record music.

“We have connections with a lot of different musicians over the years who are very excited (about this),” Brown said. “It will just be a place where people can come and get premium recordings for a lot less than going elsewhere.”

In addition to the new music studio, Sowders wants to hire someone to do piercings and plans to run painting and tasting events where people can walk into the store and take a painting class.

Sowders said Union has been a very welcoming environment so far and wants to return the favor by providing a workspace in the store for those who have nowhere to go.

“The Union is close to us for all of us and all the welcome we have received has been just amazing,” he said. “We want people to be here and know that there is another option for tattooing. We want this to be the epicenter of art in the region.

All appointments and prices must be made in person at the store.

The store is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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