Nostalgic video shows Old Gate Glitch

Rockstar Games has filled its wallet to the brim with GTA online. Indeed, the success of GTA online caused the release of GTA VI be postponed to a later date. The industry, in general, thinks that way. Although the title was a success, hundreds of bugs and issues have been reported so far. The game will turn ten years old next year, and now these should be considered nostalgic. A GTA online the player shares a video of a door issue from a long time ago. Here are the details.

GTA Online Nostalgic Video Features Old Gate Glitch

I really miss this old door glitch (circa 2014) from GrandTheftAutoV

Bugs and glitches in games are quite entertaining, not for gamers but for strangers watching. Because it degrades the gaming experience, and to be frank, it could be very unpleasant if a silly glitch slows down game progress. In fact, not only in GTA onlinePhysics issues are a fairly common problem in games, and this is an example of the title bugging itself when two objects collide.

The latest video shared by GBBlackKnight in the GTA subreddit is from 2014 and show the Old door glitch, which was common in the game years ago. The player can be seen in the video with their car parked right in front of a swinging door after the player opened the swinging door and pushed it towards their parked car. The glitch triggers and detonates the car within seconds, causing the player to be wasted.

Old Gate Glitch was hugely popular years ago, and players used the swinging gate to craft themselves a rocket that took off into the sky. This issue is not currently in the game, but players say other issues like this still exist.

GTA online is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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