Odessa’s new art shop seeks to showcase local artists

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – Listen up, local artists.

Odessa Jackie Hall opened Gypsy Moon Mercantile last week to create a space for local artists to showcase their works.

Hall says she provides the shelves and the artists fill them. She currently has around 25 artists showcasing their art in her shop.

“Odessa is a unique place, we’re a bit far from rivers and lakes and there’s not much to do, but we have a small, thriving art scene,” Hall said.

Gypsy Moon Mercantile currently features artwork by people between the ages of 7 and 70 as well as a wide range of arts and crafts.

Hall says she enjoys working and collaborating with artists, as each has their own set of skills.

“It’s pretty fun working together as a collective and it really gives all of us the opportunity to showcase our products all year round and give the public a chance to come in and see the amazing things we can. create here locally,” Hall said.

Opening Gypsy Moon Mercantile was a scary proposition for Hall. Despite the challenges she faced, she wanted to give local artists a home for their art.

“Sharing my happiness with others is what makes me feel complete as a sharing person. So it only seemed natural that I decided to try opening a store on my own, to invite all of these wonderful artists and artisans that I have met to share this opportunity with me,” said Hall.

Gypsy Moon will have its official inauguration on Saturday October 23rd. It will feature works by various artists as well as a toy and food drive that people can donate to.

Gypsy Moon Mercantile is located in Odessa at 3623 N. Dixie Blvd.

Find more information here: https://www.loc8nearme.com/texas/odessa/gypsymoon-mercantile/6403688/

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