Ohio Art Shop Provides Shoppers With A Way To Connect With Creators



Art on Market Shoppes is scheduled to open on May 1. The one-stop mini-mall is currently showcasing a variety of works by over 15 local artists.

TOLEDO, Ohio – A new place to shop officially opens in downtown Toledo.

It’s a mix of art and art workshops for sale; an outlet that many local artists need after so many events were canceled last year with the pandemic.

At the corner of Erie and Market streets, a new sign has been installed on the door of the Art on Market Shoppes just in time for the opening.

“It’s kind of a sensory overload and that’s what we’re looking for, we want variety, we want you to have more to see than you can absorb,” said the CEO of Art on Market Street Shoppes, Mitchell Antesty.

Six studio spaces, all occupied by different artists with different mediums, allow people to hear the story behind what they are buying from the creator.

One of those spaces is managed by the brains behind this new place, where their Toledo Lamp Company has found its home.

“It’s so easy to go to one of the online stores and look for art and get a mass-produced piece, but when you support the locals they appreciate it so much because ‘they need that support,’ Antesty said.

Shai Bledsoe was inspired to hire part of a studio for their photography and painting.

Like many other artists here, this is not Shai’s only job, but they dream of someday working full time in art, photography, and filmmaking.

“It became a very therapeutic but also a spiritual thing for me to be present while painting,” said Bledsoe.

While here, Shai is also working on a project with Esquire magazine, focusing primarily on street photography.

“I am now stepping into the professional world and having a space like this in Toledo has never been a thing and we really need it,” said Bledsoe.

The space also has a metaphysical healing space and currently features works for sale from 15 different artists. But that number, and the work on the walls, is constantly changing.

Check out the official opening of Art on Market Shoppes on Saturday, May 1 from 8 am to 5 pm at 201 S. Erie St. Just look for this new sign on the Market Street door.



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