Online golf coaching pioneer Shauheen Nakhjavani offers lessons

Shauheen Nakhjavani’s technology-driven approach to golf coaching helped him develop his craft, and now he is considered one of the best modern golf instructors and the best for online lessons.

Named one of the top 75 international golf coaches by Golf Digest, Shauheen Nakhjavani has been teaching others to perfect the elements of their golf games for over ten years. From students choosing a club for the first time to professional players, Nakhjavani said helping golfers achieve their goals has always been his calling.

“My goal is not just to help you with your golf swing, but I place a lot of emphasis on you understanding your golf swing so that you can identify these issues yourself with your in-depth knowledge and teach yourself. correct,” Shauheen said.

Nakhjavani teaches students everything from the fundamentals of the game to how to improve their swing. He said he enjoys clearing up misunderstandings and helping golfers get to know the game better.

“If you ever feel like something you read online or heard from me was confusing, I’d be happy to clarify it for you,” Shauheen said. “Asking questions is fundamental to learning, especially with the golf swing.”

Pioneering innovation

Nakhjavani is considered one of the pioneers of online coaching in the golf industry and is known for his scientific approach to sports coaching. It has a strong focus on advanced technology to teach “swing mechanics”.

Making his lessons available online allows students to schedule lessons wherever they are, which is useful for the professional players he has coached. Tour players Stephen Ames, Yannick Paul, Darren Clarke, Seth Reeves, Dylan Wu, Annie Park and many more have trusted Nakhjavani’s coaching.

“I’ve given over 15,000 lessons in person and online,” Shauheen said. “My communication channels are open for all my students (monthly or single lesson) on Skillest.”

Offer online courses

Shauheen offers courses to students around the world on Skillest. It offers individual lessons as well as limited and unlimited monthly coaching plans. Monthly plans include online lessons, detailed video analysis of the player’s golf swing, personalized video by Nakhjavani showing what the student needs to work on, personalized drills, and more.

Strong grip discussion

Nakhjavani shares a video showing how a solid grip should work for an effective swing. As a coach, he meets the players where they are and helps them understand how to improve their technique and skill. It teaches golfers with a strong grip to make it functional and avoid certain patterns that won’t work well.


Golfers looking to improve their game can receive instruction online from one of Canada’s most popular coaches. Shauheen Nakhjavani is revolutionizing the online golf teaching industry, with thousands of students worldwide already taking lessons. To learn more about Nakhjavani and online golf lessons, visit his Skillest profile or connect with us on social media on Instagram.

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