Riverside man arrested in widespread charge card scam at Michaels craft stores – press enterprise

CAMDEN, NJ – A Californian accused of a widespread credit card and debit card scam involving craft retailer Michaels has returned to New Jersey after several years on the run. Jose Salazar fled to Mexico after being indicted in 2015, according to the US prosecutor’s office.

Salazar and others have been accused of installing fake point-of-sale terminals in about 80 of the stores in 19 states in 2011. The group allegedly stole about 94,000 debit and credit card numbers from the terminals and allegedly took them away. used to create new cards and illegally withdraw cash.

Salazar, 44, of Riverside, was arrested in Mexico City last September and first appeared in Camden by video conference on Thursday, the U.S. prosecutor’s office said. He pleaded not guilty and was held without bail.

Salazar faces one count of aggravated bank fraud conspiracy and identity theft. The conspiracy count carries a maximum prison sentence of 30 years.

Two others pleaded guilty to participating in the scheme. Angel Angulo was sentenced in 2018 to three years in prison and ordered to pay $ 480,300 in restitution. Crystal Banuelos was sentenced to prison and five years probation.

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Kudumbashree to Open Coir and Craft Stores | Kudumbashree | coco

Kochi: Rewriting history, Kudumbashree will soon be opening coir and craft stores across the state. In the initial phase, stores will be opened in the districts of Alappuzha and Kasaragod. There are reports that Kudumbashree will open two stores in Alappuzha and one in Kasaragod.

In Alappuzha, one of the stores will be located at the municipal complex near the private bus stop while the other will be open in Mararikulam. Meanwhile, Kasaragod district will get the first Kudumbashree coconut and craft store in Peelikode panchayat. The project was implemented as part of the Chief Minister’s 100-day action plan.

The stores, ranging in size from 100 to 500 square feet, will market Kudumbashree and Coir Board coir products. Besides crafts and coir products, cashew nut products will also be available at these stores. Officials have informed that the stores will be inaugurated before January 20.

The project also aims to sell products from public sector companies like KERAFED and Milma. Essential items such as vegetables will be included in the sale depending on the space available in the stores.

As part of the project, Kudumbashree aims to establish 500 stores. Of this total, the government has already approved 300 stores. Kudumbashree members or their family members will be allowed to manage the stores. To this end, Rs 5 lakh will be loaned by Kudumbashree.

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5 local craft stores to satisfy your creative itch

As temperatures continue to drop and the winter season sets in, many people are turning to indoor activities to pass the time. Whether you’re trying out new recipes at home, making phone calls to friends, or watching your favorite movies, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you busy. However, for some, appealing to your more crafty and innovative side when trying out new art projects can be an especially fulfilling hobby. Recently, as many of us have been stuck at home, DIY fashion or clothing and wardrobe changes have grown in popularity.

Today more than ever, many of us may need a boost of enthusiasm and creativity in our lives. There are dozens of ideas that encourage people to try and mix up their style and embark on a new fashion project. These trends include knitting, embroidery, sewing, personalizing, weaving, tie-dyeing and more. You will probably find that you are only limited by your own imagination. To get you started, Review 303 has assembled five craft stores in the Denver area that can provide you with all the tools and equipment you might need. Likewise, each store offers its consumers unique supplies and experiences based on their personal mission as a creative source in the community. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced craftsman, these stores support any creative dreams or ambitions you may have.

Fantasy Tiger Crafts

Photo courtesy of Fancy Tiger Crafts

Or: Fancy Tiger Crafts is located at 59 North Broadway, Denver and is currently open for curbside pickup only, available Monday through Saturday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The truth : Located on South Broadway, Fancy Tiger Crafts offers its customers a wide variety of materials and products. Opened in 2006, the store offers individuals the opportunity to purchase supplies and attend classes. Owners Jaime Jennings and Amber Corcoran founded Fancy Tiger Crafts to engage individuals in creative pursuits using high quality materials and resources. Therefore, this store generates an ideal atmosphere for customers to develop their creativity and find a supportive community.

Currently, Fancy Tiger Crafts is not open for in-person purchases. All purchases must be made on their website with the options of shipping or curbside pickup. Further information and inquiries can be directed through their website.

The LambShoppe

Inside the LambShoppe

Photo courtesy of The LambShoppe

Or: The LambShoppe is located at 3512 East 12th Avenue, Denver and is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The truth : Located on 12th Avenue, the LambShoppe offers a wide variety of threads, tools, instructions and everything in between. As the oldest yarn store in Denver, the store has a long history of providing customers with quality items for their latest project. The Lambshoppe also offers courses and one-on-one assistance (with owner, Mary Carol, herself) for each manufacturer, regardless of their skill level. Further information and specific prices can be found on their website. They also sell a unique selection of handmade clothing, called Sympli clothing, in the store. This not only offers inspiration, but also presents the opportunity to support local artists.

The LambShoppe is currently open and enforces the security rules in the store. However, you can also order products online or over the phone and have them delivered directly to your home.

Recreational denver

Photo of Amanda Piela.

Or: ReCreative Denver is located at 765 Santa Fe Drive, Denver and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The truth : ReCreative Denver is a boutique and art center located in the Arts District of Santa Fe. They provide guests with a unique experience both in the materials they offer and in their mission to make an impact in the community. ReCreative Denver stocks its store with supplies donated by individuals or businesses. Therefore, not only do they feature unique finds, but their shelves are constantly changing. The store offers items such as yarn, picture frames, gift wrap, art supplies and more. Additionally, proceeds from material sales are reinvested in the community by funding arts programs and providing material throughout Denver. ReCreative Denver also offers a plethora of workshops, classes, and exhibits.

ReCreative Denver is open, although face masks are required by regulations and only credit or debit payments are accepted. Donations are made by appointment and more information is available on their website.

by Guiry

Interior of Guiry

Photo courtesy of Guiry

Or: Guiry’s has a number of locations throughout Colorado. Stores offering art supplies can be found in Boulder, Centennial, Cherry Creek, Denver South and more. Specific locations and times are available on their website.

The truth : With a total of 12 locations in Colorado, Guiry’s has been a staple for artists since 1899. Originally, it started as a paint and wallpaper producer, founded by Joseph and Herb Guiry. Since then, the store has remained a family business while constantly expanding and improving its inventory over the years. As an art supplier, Guiry’s offers products related to painting and drawing, while stocking items such as easels and canvases. The store also strives to be involved in the community, whether that’s helping you find the perfect painting for your next project or supporting arts education and nonprofits.

Guiry locations are currently open for in-store purchases and curbside pickup. Orders can also be placed through their website and shipped directly to you.

Meininger art supply

Photo courtesy of HR Meininger Co. on Facebook

Or: HR Meininger Company is located at 499 Broadway, Denver and is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The truth : Located on South Broadway, HR Meininger Co. was founded in 1881 and has been a family business ever since. Their history strengthens their credibility as a successful art supply store, as their large inventory satisfies a multitude of customers and needs. They carry items ranging from crafts and painting to drawing materials and more. In total, HR Meininger Co. offers more than 80,000 art-related products, making it one of the largest art supply stores in the West. They also opened another location in Colorado Springs, with an equally large choice.

HR Meininger Co. is currently open for in-store purchases and curbside pickup. You can also place orders online or over the phone and have them shipped right to your doorstep. More details and information can be found on their website.

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Kudumbashree to pilot coir and craft stores

The Kudumbashree mission will pilot two coir and craft stores in the state to provide a market for products made by industries such as coir that employ women in large numbers.

The stores are set up as part of the Chief Minister’s 100-day program. Stores will be piloted in Kasaragod and Alappuzha districts, although an administrative sanction has been received to set up 300 of the 500 targeted stores. The Alappuzha store will be located in the municipal complex inside the private Alappuzha bus station and the Kasaragod store in the Kalikadavu panchayat building in Pilicode.

The stores, ranging in size from 100 to 500 square feet, will provide a market for products made by Kudumbashree and Kerala State Coir Corporation Ltd., with which it has an agreement, outside of handicrafts. It is also planned to include cashew and products from other public sector companies such as Milma and Kerafed.

The stores are also intended to serve as storage for the Kudumbashree home stores so that Kudumbashree women can collect the products from these warehouse stores and distribute them to households. All panchayats have been ordered to find commercial space available for Kudumbashree to set up the Coir and Craft Store.

Loan and grant

The Kudumbashree will provide a soft loan of 5 lakh for the start-up of each store. The mission also corrected the layout of the stores.

Recipients must be Kudumbashree Business Groups, Regional Development Societies (ADS) or Community Development Societies (CDS). The interest on the loan for business groups is 4%, while that for CDS or ADS committees is zero. The maximum repayment term is six years

The Kudumbashree will provide a grant of 1.5 lakh to beneficiaries subject to conditions. His first payment of 50,000 will be sanctioned if the interest and the principle of the loan are paid on time in the first six months. If payments for the next six months are also made on time, an additional 50,000 is authorized. The last payment will be sanctioned once the refund has been made.

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7 quick and easy Christmas craft ideas for kids to decorate your home

Christmas is approaching and it is the main celebration of the winter season. Holidays, meeting with family and friends, tasting delicious food, magnificent decorations are an integral part of this festival.

And when it comes to decorating, crafts are the easiest to adorn your home. You can also include your children in the decoration with these simple and unique crafts. Check out the ideas below.

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids for Home Decor:

DIY to make Santa Claus

Create the perfect Santa Claus for your little ones with this easy craft idea to decorate their bedrooms.

Last minute decoration with crafts

These last minute DIY ideas will save you money while decorating your home with a Christmas spirit. So, try out these easy DIY ideas with your kids for a quick decorating.

Christmas tree paper squishy

Make this Christmas tree paper squishy with your kids and place it next to the big tree for extra decoration.

Crafts for decorating trees

Check out these unique ideas to decorate the whole Christmas tree with your kids. These easy craft ideas will make the tree look more than mesmerizing.

DIY snowman

Create a cute snowman with your children with this technique and complete your Christmas decoration at home. Watch the video below.

Snow Ball

Snow globes are a great addition for Christmas decoration. And this craft idea will help you and your kids create a perfect snow globe for Christmas decor.

Paper star

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Christmas Craft Ideas | Livingetc

We’ve rounded up the best Christmas craft ideas for the whole family, from festive wreaths and tree top angels to quilted Christmas stockings and felted gnomes.

Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together and show how much you care about them, and what better way to bring everyone together than a Christmas craft session or a handmade gift. well thought. “Taking the time to do something with or for someone seems to improve the season,” says Sam Duffy, a talented craftsman and founder of the British craft brand. PaperSam. “Crafts are very therapeutic, whether it’s something you do on your own, with children or with friends, it allows you to take stock of what matters while creating great memories and memories.”

Christmas crafts not only bring a personal touch to the festivities, but it is also an opportunity to create more lasting decorations and gifts. “There is definitely a trend this year for upcycling as people become more environmentally conscious,” Sam explains. are geared towards craftsmanship throughout the lockdown. “

There are endless ways to add a homemade and lasting touch to Christmas, whether it’s making your own wreath, hand printing wrapping paper, or creating cards. One of Sam’s favorite craft activities is making simple gift tags from scraps of paper, fabric, and other ephemeral items sewn onto luggage tags. “Cut your ribbon, paper, and other materials into small pieces, then use a sewing machine to sew from top to bottom on the label,” she recommends. “They look super stylish with just a brown paper gift wrap.”

christmas craft ideas

Handmade gift tags available from PaperSam, £ 5 for six tags

(Image credit: PaperSam)

Read on to find more of our favorite Christmas craft ideas from Sam and other talented UK artisans and bloggers, including special craft kits that include everything you need for to start.

1. Cone ball embroidery

Create your own folk embroidered Christmas baubles to decorate the tree or fireplace with this downloadable template from Nancy Nicholson. This is the perfect way to use pieces of felt or other fabrics.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Nancy Nicholson)

The design has several embroidery designs and instructions for making the balls as well as tips and other advice. You can also get a Christmas bauble kit that includes most of the materials you will need.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Nancy Nicholson)

Downloadable pattern available on Nancy nicholson, £ 8.40

2. Making whiskey barrel crowns

These chic and rustic barrel hoop wreaths are cleverly crafted from reclaimed Scotch whiskey barrel hoops.

christmas crafts

(Image credit: Bento class)

“Our wreath making kit includes everything you need to make your barrel hoop wreath including rustic hoop, yarn, duct tape, burlap tape, preserved eucalyptus, fake berries and snowy branches, ”says craftsman Kristen Hunter. “You can follow our guided tutorial to learn a few tips and tricks for creating a wreath like ours or getting off the slopes and getting creative with the materials! “

christmas crafts

(Image credit: Bento class)

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Bento class)

Craft kit and lessons available from Bento Class, £ 35

3. The angel of the treetops

Give a special touch to your Christmas tree this year with a Treetop Angel kit from Paper sam. Just assemble the cute wooden angel, then paint your own design on her dress.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Paper Sam)

“I make and sell tree angels and I feel really honored to imagine them on someone’s tree, but more and more I realized that people wanted to create theirs,” Sam says. Duffy, founder of PaperSam. “Whether you’re really good at it or helping the kids try their luck, whether they’re good or bad, they’re all adorable.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Paper Sam)

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Paper Sam)

Available from PaperSam, £ 15

4. Macrame garland

Add a bohemian touch to your festive decorations this year with this pretty macrame garland. The craft kit, available from Wool Couture, offers a quick and easy way to learn macrame – and the results will be as good all year round as they are at Christmas.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Wool Couture)

“If you’ve wanted to learn macrame but don’t know where to start, this kit provides tips and all the materials you’ll need to get started,” says Claire Gelder, founder of Wool Couture.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Wool Couture)

Available from Couture wool, £ 14.99

5. Quilted Christmas stocking

Brittni Mehlhoff, who heads the Paper & Embroidery Blog, has lots of fun Christmas craft ideas. One of our favorites is this cute patchwork Christmas stocking. All you need are some simple sewing supplies and a little patience.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Paper and point)

“I love these socks because they are a nod to a more traditional style, while still retaining a modern touch,” says Brittni. If quilting isn’t your vibe, she also offers tutorials for making Christmas stockings from tea towels and a pop art-inspired fluffy Christmas stocking.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Paper and point)

See more at Paper and point

6. Christmas cross stitch gift cards

Add a thoughtful artisan touch to gifts this year with these contemporary cross stitch labels from Bobo point. Each kit contains everything you need to make five festive gift tags. Simply place the models on the blank labels and carefully make small holes in which you will prick the design.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Bobo Stitch)

“The kit offers an easy and relaxing way to create extra special touches for your loved ones,” says Hannah Sturrock, founder of Bobo Stitch. “And, lucky recipients can hang the finished labels on their Christmas trees year after year.”

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Bobo Stitch)

Available from Bobo point, £ 10

7. Baby penguin felt crafts

This felt sewing kit from a Yorkshire craftsman Corinne Lapierre contains everything you need to create three adorable penguins that you will cherish for many years to come, with fairly easy-to-follow instructions for beginners.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Corinne Lapierre)

“We use a soft, tactile felt that contains 45% wool and 55% viscose,” reveals Corinne Lapierre. “It’s a real pleasure to work with. After Christmas, baby penguins are just as good decoration all year round in a child’s room.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Corinne Lapierre)

Available from Corinne Lapierre, £ 14.40

8. Succulent wreath

Nothing inspires a festive feeling more than a beautiful wreath hanging from the front door – and with a little help from artist Alyson Mowat, you can create a unique botanical wreath from succulents that will live on. well beyond Christmas.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Alyson Mowat)

“I walk you step by step through the process necessary to create, maintain and display the ultimate party decoration,” says Alyson. “You can even propagate the cuttings to create a whole new succulent creation!” The DIY kit includes everything you need and you can either join a Zoom virtual class or take an instructional video.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Alyson Mowat)

Available from Alyson mowat, £ 85

9. Name Place Craft Kit

“When I was a kid my mom always gave me the job of writing names for the Christmas table and I have fond memories of guests closely inspecting the beautifully decorated table to find their place,” explains Sam Duffy, founder of PaperSam.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Paper Sam)

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Paper Sam)

“So this year, I launched my name place craft kits. They are great fun, easy to make, and help set the scene. They’re also great fun to take home as a boost to a special shared meal. The kit includes all the materials you need to create six fun Christmas characters.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Paper Sam)

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Paper Sam)

Available from PaperSam, £ 12.50

10. Needle felting of Nordic gnomes

The Craft kits companyThe Nordic Gnomes Needle Felting Kit contains everything you need to make two cheeky Scandinavian Christmases “tomato“the gnomes.” This is a beginner’s kit, so perfect for anyone new to needle felting and wanting to try out this relaxing and rewarding craft, ”says Jo Lochhead, founder of The Crafty Kit Company.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: The Crafty Kit Company)

The finished gnomes stand 10-15cm tall and add a touch of Scandinavian charm to Christmas decor. The kit comes beautifully presented in a gift box, so it’s perfect for giving too.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: The Crafty Kit Company)

Available from The company Crafty Kit, £ 12.00 plus shipping

11. Knitted pine cushions

It’s easy to create a forest of soft and cuddly Christmas trees with this kit from the Yorkshire craft brand Couture wool.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Wool Couture)

“Pine Tree cushions are simple but beautiful and can be made in no time,” says founder Claire Gelder. “They would also look amazing at Christmas placed in your favorite room or even as an accent in your room.” If you’re feeling creative, you can even add your own Christmas decorations to the throw pillows.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: Wool Couture)

Available from Couture wool, from £ 49.99

12. Rainbow Sprout Decorations

Give Brussels sprouts a starring role on the tree this year with this cute DIY decorating kit. “The rainbows have been so symbolic in 2020, so this year we have taken our ‘Craftmas’ DIY kits to another level with a lovely set of majestic decorations in the colors of the rainbow.” , explains Ruth Oliver, head craftsman at The brand’s arcade.

christmas craft ideas

(Image credit: The Make Arcade)

“Our kits are great for beginners because they contain everything you need to create a set of decorations to give away or hang on your tree. A few simple cutouts and grade level stitching are all it takes to make the set!

Available from The brand’s arcade, £ 16

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Riot Art & Craft stores closed, Dye & Co appointed liquidator | Port Macquarie News

news, breaking news, Riot Art & Craft, Port Macquarie, company, Dye & Co, liquidation, SLKALT Pty Ltd

The Riot Art & Craft Store in Port Macquarie has closed and the business behind the chain’s physical stores is in liquidation. SLKALT Pty Ltd has gone out of business, its 56 Riot Art & Craft stores are closed and employees have lost their jobs. Insolvency Expert Dye & Co has been appointed liquidator of SLKALT Pty Ltd. The Port Macquarie store was located on Horton Street. Liquidator Nicholas Giasoumi of Dye &; Co said former employees can claim their overdue rights under the Fair Rights Guarantee Act. “Depending on what we accomplish this will determine whether there will be a return from unsecured creditors, but it probably seems unlikely at this point,” he said. The liquidators will communicate the results of their investigation to the creditors within three months of their appointment. The Art of Riot 56 & Craft stores were primarily located in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The online business, which has been sold to a related entity, continues to be marketed. What else is in the news? Thank you for promoting local journalism with your subscription. While you’re with us, you can also receive updates straight to your inbox from Port Macquarie News. To be up to date with all the news, sign up here.


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Riot Art & Craft online business sold to ‘related entity’ prior to liquidation

Westfield Shopping Center in Doncaster, Victoria. Source: AAP.

The liquidator of art supplies retailer Riot Art & Craft confirmed that the company’s e-commerce arm was sold to a “related entity” before the business collapsed.

Riot arts and crafts closed its 56 stores last week, after going into liquidation and informing staff members by SMS that they were no longer employed.

A post on Riot Art & Craft’s website claims the e-commerce side of the business continues to operate “under new management,” however, former company employees questioned independence new owners.

Riot Art & Craft online business is now operated by a company called Riot Stores Pty Ltd.

According to the Australian Business Register, Riot Store Pty Ltd has been active since January 2020. The terms and conditions page on the Riot Art & Craft website also refers to another entity, a trust, which has been active since April 2020.

Liquidator Nicholas Giasoumi of insolvency firm Dye & Co was appointed to handle the liquidation of SLKALT Pty Ltd, the company that operated the Riot Art & Craft business, on October 19.

Wednesday he confirmed SmartCompany the company entered into a “sales contract in April with a related entity to purchase the e-commerce business operated by the company”.

This related entity has “joint directors” with SLKALT Pty Ltd, confirmed Giasoumi, although he declined to disclose who these directors are.

The company’s intellectual property assets are believed to be part of the sale, including the Riot Art & Craft name, but Giasoumi has confirmed that no physical stores were sold.

Details of the sale will now be considered by the liquidator, although he says at this point that it appears that an independent assessment was carried out prior to the sale and that it “appears to have been done above the board” .

“There is no indication that creditors have been disadvantaged,” Giassoumi said, although a proper investigation is still being carried out.

SmartCompany contacted Michael Kurc, director of SLKALT Pty Ltd, for further comment, but referred all questions to Giasoumi.

Over the past week, former Riot Art & Craft employees have shared their shock upon learning of store closings via text message, along with repeated assurances that more stock will be filling nearly empty shelves.

“They continued to reassure us, even the week before the manager emailed us, saying the stock was on their way,” former employee Sophie Newcome told nine.com.au.

“What angers me the most is that in the last few weeks we started working as usual, hoping to get paid, but we weren’t.

“This is after the last fifteen weeks spent in what was almost an empty store telling customers that stock was arriving this week.”

This article was updated at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday October 29 to include additional information about Riot Stores Pty Ltd.

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Riot Art & Craft stores close, staff dismissed by text message

The owners of the Riot Art & Craft store chain closed all of its 56 stores after the business went into liquidation last week.

Angry staff members said they had not been informed of the store closings and were told by text that they lost their jobs last Monday evening.

“All stores are closed from today. You don’t have to be at work tomorrow,” Riot Art & Craft director Michael Kurc wrote in the text message to staff.

The text message sent to staff informing them that they had lost their jobs and that all stores were to close. (Provided)

“The liquidator will contact you regarding your rights. A huge thank you to everyone for all your years of service.”

Nine.com.au understands that the number of employees made redundant as a result of store closures includes 140 permanent employees and around 160 casual employees.

Former employees said the closures came after weeks of working nearly empty stores, while head office led them to believe replacement stock was on its way.

Sophie Newcome, who had worked at the Whitford store in Washington for more than two years, said the text was a shock.

“They continued to reassure us, even the week before the manager emailed us, saying the stock was on its way,” she said.

“What angers me the most is that in the last few weeks we have started working as usual, hoping to be paid, but we weren’t.

“This is after the last fifteen weeks spent in what was almost an empty store telling customers that stock was arriving this week.”

In Sydney, Burwood store manager Andrew Wilkinson – who worked for the company for five years – said he had also heard nothing about potential store closings.

However, the lack of stock in the store worried him.

“Basically I started telling my casuals to try and get a job seeker or apply for other jobs because I just weren’t getting any response,” he said.

The company behind Riot Art & Craft – SLKALT Pty Ltd – had been in operation for 46 years before it went into liquidation last Monday.

Nine.com.au understands that the online portion of Riot Art & Craft’s business has been sold and will continue to be marketed under the same name.

When approached for comment, Mr Kurc said he was now in the hands of the liquidator.

“Honestly after 46 years in the business the closing of the doors has been very traumatic and beyond that it’s out of my hands, it’s with the liquidator,” he said.

Insolvency firm Dye & Co has been appointed as liquidator, and director Nicholas Giasoumi told nine.com.au that the 140 permanent staff owed around $ 3.5 million in rights.

There were around 100 other unsecured creditors, mostly homeowners, who owed around $ 8.5 million, he added.

Former staff would be eligible for financial assistance under the government’s Equitable Rights Guarantee Act, Giassoumi said.

“We have sent a notification to the staff regarding a complaint to the government under the Equitable Rights Guarantee Act in relation to their wages and other rights,” Giasoumi said.

Contact reporter Emily McPherson at emcpherson.com.au.

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Riot Art & Craft Stores Close Following Appointment Of Liquidators | Bendigo Advertiser

news, local news, bendigo, centralvic, market, mental health, riotartcraft, jobs, liquidation

Retail chain Riot Art & Craft closed its Bendigo store after the liquidation of parent company SLKALT last week, ending 46 years in business. The art supply store is one of 56 stores in Australia to close. Teinture & Co have been appointed liquidators. Director Nicholas Giasoumi said 140 permanent employees owed around $ 3.5 million in wages and fees, while unsecured creditors, mostly homeowners, owed around $ 8.5 million. READ MORE: It is understood that the online branch of Riot Art & Crafts will continue to trade. The shutdown comes as retailers continue to fight the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. In August, the fate of several Bendigo clothing stores was thrown into limbo after Mosaic Fashion announced the closure of 500 stores across the country. Mosaic Fashion owns brands such as Millers, Rockmans, Noni B, Rivers, Katies, Crossroads, Autograph and W. Lane. A company spokesperson said it was too early to know whether Bendigo stores would be among those to be closed. The city has a Rivers, Millers and Crossroads in the CBD, a Noni B, Millers and Rockmans in Lansell Square and a Katies and Autograph in Bendigo Marketplace. More recently, Bendigo Marketplace’s Sanity store closed and the city’s last outlet is trading at Lansell Square.


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