Pay what you want at this art shop in Shoreditch



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Pay what you want at this art shop in Shoreditch

This is a sponsored article on behalf of GreatArt.

2017 is your year to get creative. But where to start ? Discover GreatArt, London’s ultimate arty emporium.

After trading online for almost 15 years, GreatArt recently opened its flagship store in Shoreditch. Now is the time to stock up on all your art supplies, because from January 23 to March 31, GreatArt is hosting a “Pay what you want” event.

From fine art to sculpture materials, paints and brushes to picture frames and canvases, GreatArt covers just about anything arty. The Shoreditch store also hosts workshops and demos for tips and inspiration. It even offers free tea and coffee.

Visit GreatArt from January 23 to March 31 and you can grab some great deals. The store’s “Pay What You Want” event is just that: just pay how you feel on a select range of products (up to five items per customer) for serious savings. However, this deal is only available in stores, so a trip to Shoreditch should be on the agenda.

Even if the item you want isn’t stored in GreatArt’s flagship product, you’ll be able to get your hands on it in no time with their click-and-collect online service. Enter the code AMAZING at checkout for discounts and giveaways – the code can also be redeemed in-store and over the phone, January 23 through March 31.

Make this year a decidedly arty year: with GreatArt, quality supplies don’t have to break the bank.

Enter the code AMAZING at checkout for 33% off canvases, £ 15 off a £ 29 check, free shipping from £ 9.99 and a free giveaway. Valid until March 31, 2017.

Last update January 24, 2017


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