People are roasting craft stores for their overpriced pumpkins

We all know the prices get a little exorbitant. And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be purely inflation-based. Sometimes societies and businesses are a bit…disconnected.

While we’ve seen prices rise across the board, there are still times when simple things like decorations take the cake with eye-wateringly high prices. That’s why we can appreciate others coming out, looking through decor and homewares, and pointing out how ridiculous some of these prices are.


Hobby Lobby is a case in point for issues like this. On TikTok, a user pointed out an outlandish foam pumpkin to designer Ursula, who had to go see for herself. So she got on and headed to her local store and the Halloween decoration section.

She begins by seeing metal pumpkins, which are already quite expensive at sixty dollars, although at least these are a little sturdier and the price could possibly be explained as they are both large and made of metal. And then, unfortunately, it comes to polystyrene pumpkins…

And the commentator was right. This pumpkin, which isn’t even as big as the metal one, ends up costing a hundred and fifty dollars, probably a bit more after tax is factored in. And as Ursula points out, it’s, in fact, just that cheap styrofoam that doesn’t hold up.

So why the price spike? Are companies really out of touch, or are they really so blind that they think people are going to pay the same amount for a single mousse pumpkin as they would for a multi-course steak dinner for four? Especially not when you can go to a local dollar store for similar, if not better decor at much better prices. We’ll probably never know, but at least our curiosity is appeased. For the moment.

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