Riot Art & Craft stores closed, Dye & Co appointed liquidator | Port Macquarie News



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The Riot Art & Craft Store in Port Macquarie has closed and the business behind the chain’s physical stores is in liquidation. SLKALT Pty Ltd has gone out of business, its 56 Riot Art & Craft stores are closed and employees have lost their jobs. Insolvency Expert Dye & Co has been appointed liquidator of SLKALT Pty Ltd. The Port Macquarie store was located on Horton Street. Liquidator Nicholas Giasoumi of Dye &; Co said former employees can claim their overdue rights under the Fair Rights Guarantee Act. “Depending on what we accomplish this will determine whether there will be a return from unsecured creditors, but it probably seems unlikely at this point,” he said. The liquidators will communicate the results of their investigation to the creditors within three months of their appointment. The Art of Riot 56 & Craft stores were primarily located in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The online business, which has been sold to a related entity, continues to be marketed. What else is in the news? Thank you for promoting local journalism with your subscription. While you’re with us, you can also receive updates straight to your inbox from Port Macquarie News. To be up to date with all the news, sign up here.



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