Riverside man arrested in widespread charge card scam at Michaels craft stores – press enterprise



CAMDEN, NJ – A Californian accused of a widespread credit card and debit card scam involving craft retailer Michaels has returned to New Jersey after several years on the run. Jose Salazar fled to Mexico after being indicted in 2015, according to the US prosecutor’s office.

Salazar and others have been accused of installing fake point-of-sale terminals in about 80 of the stores in 19 states in 2011. The group allegedly stole about 94,000 debit and credit card numbers from the terminals and allegedly took them away. used to create new cards and illegally withdraw cash.

Salazar, 44, of Riverside, was arrested in Mexico City last September and first appeared in Camden by video conference on Thursday, the U.S. prosecutor’s office said. He pleaded not guilty and was held without bail.

Salazar faces one count of aggravated bank fraud conspiracy and identity theft. The conspiracy count carries a maximum prison sentence of 30 years.

Two others pleaded guilty to participating in the scheme. Angel Angulo was sentenced in 2018 to three years in prison and ordered to pay $ 480,300 in restitution. Crystal Banuelos was sentenced to prison and five years probation.


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