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Tabitha Brown says going vegan helped stop her daily panic attacks

Tabitha Brown distributes a great deal of wisdom in her first book, Feeding the Soul (Because That’s My Business): Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom – which, yes, also includes a handful of herbal recipes. While discussing his mental health, Brown says switching to a vegan diet has helped restore not only his physical health, but his mental well-being as well. “I had major anxiety and panic attacks and suffered from depression,” she says. “And after I went vegan and started to feel better, it’s like I stopped having panic attacks. I mean, I had severe manic panic attacks, like 50 a day sometimes. , where I just couldn’t breathe. It disappeared, and the depression just disappeared. The light has just passed the darkness. “My hope and my mission is always to just share my life, so I share what I do. eat, “she said.” I share my trip with the hopes that others are saying, ‘Oh, I’m a little curious about this. She makes him a little attractive. Let me try. ‘ I hope people try [veganism] for their health, for animals, for the planet. Even one meal a day changes the way things are … it can help your body, it can help animals, it can help the environment. So, I always hope that I make a difference and that someone is willing to give it a try.


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